Kentucky Basketball Video: Watch Ref Get Owned by Ball, Fall into Cheerleaders

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistMarch 1, 2012

Is there anything better than a blooper involving a referee?

The zebras are always the butt of jokes, and their straight-forward demeanor makes them seem more like robots than actual human beings.

So, when there is a moment that reminds us that officials are just like you and me…hilarity ensues.

In the opening minute of an SEC clash between Kentucky and Georgia on Thursday, Bulldogs senior guard Gerald Robinson was looking to dish the ball off after getting penetration on the Wildcat defense. He found a man under the basket wide open and was ready to pull the trigger.

Robinson threw a hard bounce pass like he has done all season, but Wildcat freshman Anthony Davis was there for the deflection with his ridiculously long arms.

Well, he didn’t need his arms this time. Instead, he sticks his legs out and the ball bounces off his foot and begins to travel directly in the direction of the baseline ref with some serious zip on it.

The ball drills the referee in the head, hard enough to knock him over. Lucky for him, he lands in a pile of cheerleaders.

The UK cheer squad was sitting to the right of the basket and was the perfect soft landing.

As the cheerleaders sat there in shock, the flustered ref was slow to get up. Robinson scurried over to lend a belated helping hand to the ref. He’s okay!

The ref was fine and the game resumed. With 10 minutes to play, the ‘Cats held a comfortable 69-30 lead.

It’s a non-memorable game with one incredibly memorable moment.


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