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Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009


Sup bitches?!?!

Sup bitches?!?!

Brewers News

- As we all well know, Hoffmania has ensued in Brewertown. And with Milwaukee coming to terms with the game’s most accomplished closer comes varying reactions along the blogosphere.

• Milwaukee got the “Right Guy.”

• Bernie’s Crew: “Doug Melvin has made a good baseball move to sure up the back-end of Milwaukee’s bullpen… Trevor will not be=2 0a superstar for Milwaukee, but he should be a solid closer throughout the season.”

• Justin’s Brewers Blog: “Don’t Hassel the Hoff.”

• Brew Crew Ball: “Best of all, relations with the opposite sex are at a peak.” (It’s not what you think… it’s Hoffman Horoscope)

• Baseball Digest Daily: “Hoffman will be good, not great, and may not be there for too long. Given the burnouts and short-timers the Brewers have had there in recent years, however, that may be sufficient cause for jubilation in Mil Town.”

• San Diego Union Tribune: It was time to end Trevor Time.

• In-Between Hops: Hoffman as closer > Jeff Suppan closing.

• ESPN’s Eric Karabell: “Hoffman’s time in Milwaukee might not be pretty.”

• FanGraphs: “I’m betting that this isn’t going to work out as well as Milwaukee would have hoped, and they’ll be right back in the market for a closer again next winter.”

• RFB’s own Jack (in the post below): “Clearly we overpaid, because Hoffman would have to basically be above the best projection we have for him to be worth his contract. However, given the closer market, I’m not totally disappointed by this.”

• Bugs & Cranks’ handsome ace in the hole, Tyler Maas: “’Hell’s Bells’ kind of sucks. … New uniform, new song, Trevor. I suggest Ginuwine’s 1996 boner ballad ‘Pony.’”

Non-Hoffman Brewers News

SI’s Jon Heyman sees Milwaukee among the suitors for Derek Lowe: I don’t. If Lowe is asking for more than $12 M/year, I certainly hope not.

Quevedo at the Buffet (sweet name, btw) doesn’t want Milwaukee to have any part of Ben Sheets: I agree with every reason he cites except No. 5, which read “Teddy Fucking Higuera.” Jesus Christ is the poor man’s Teddy Higuera.

Chuckie Hacks disagrees with Quevedo’s views on Sheets: No word on what they think about Higuera

Just how bad is Rickie Weeks?: Evidentially not as bad as one would be led to think. They raise some good points. On a side note, I’d like to arrange an RFB shirt swap for Chuckie Hacks neck ties.

Other News

Red Sox signed John Smoltz and Rocco Baldelli.

- If you do one thing today, please make that thing voting for Baby Mangino.