For Leafs Management: "A Plan"

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJanuary 9, 2009

Another embarrassment to the Maple Leafs as a team—a 6-2 embarrassment at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens.

I am not quite sure what type of hockey I was watching—Leaf players out of position, giving the puck away, five players playing defensive zone coverage: in the slot area.

Vesa Toskala out of position on about three goals, defence not holding the line, shots not getting to the net (and when they do, nobody screening). What in hell kind of garbage hockey is that!

I cannot believe these players are professional hockey players getting paid big bucks to play in the NHL. When Canada's Junior Team could probably kick their asses.

The only half decent part of the game Leafs played was that they did well in the fisticuffs.

I understand,you the fans and writers understand,it is not the coach's fault: it is the team and players he has been given to coach.

But there is sure as hell something that management can do-you can buy, sell, trade, and demote.

The Leaf management has had ample time to see just what is happening with their rebuilding. The playoffs are slipping away, and fast because the Leafs are not up for the games that they should be winning! Simple as that.

Now that you as management have had a good look at what kind of team you have then why don't you ship the whole team down the highway and bring up the whole Marlie Team? At least you would have some idea then just what the future holds on the farm.

I watched a perfectly played game of hockey a couple of nights ago between Boston and the Wild, and I was thinking—I hope the whole Leaf organization is watching this.

So, coach Ron Wilson, please get the clip of the mentioned game and show it to your Leafs. The Wild played a game of hockey exactly how a game of hockey should be played.

When the Wild lost possession of the puck, it was like magnet—they all took a Boston player. How simple is that?