WWE Money in the Bank Match: Why It's Great the PPV Is Reportedly Back On

Julian SalinasCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2012

Money in the Bank briefcase.
Money in the Bank briefcase.

Hello Bleachers. First article here, and I hope it's worthy enough for your viewing pleasure and/or criticism (which is very much needed). Let's begin.

As every WWE fan should know, Wrestlemania is near us, and it's pretty easy to know that. We have The Rock and John Cena having a great feud, which will culminate in the main event on April 1st.

Also, an epic battle (which, in my opinion, will steal the show) between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. We also have Royal Rumble winner Sheamus taking on Daniel Bryan, and, of course, the classic Streak match, to see if it will be broken by Triple H, or if Undertaker will go 20-0 at the Show of Shows.

And we probably will get an Intercontinental and Divas Championship match added, and the GM battle.

With such a big, satisfying card, you have to wonder: What more could you want? I'm thinking if you add one more match to this event, the business will be in danger of having one or two matches getting forgotten about pretty quickly.

I'm talking about the rumored Money in the Bank Ladder match. In January, it was reported that the pay-per-view was scratched from the WWE schedule, and was heavily thought that the match would move back to Wrestlemania, where it originated.

Being a fan of the PPV, and after last year's great show, I was kind of confused by the decision. I liked the idea of having two superstars both get a chance of being in the main event, instead of having one.

But I had to just accept it, and it was kind of positive, thinking this might actually be a good move. So I kept my opinions to myself, until I read this report, from Wrestling News Source via ProWrestling.net:

It's been reported before that WWE officials, Vince McMahon in particular, have been changing their minds time and time again regarding the 2012 Money In The Bank.

They can't decide if they want to keep on having its own PPV or just to have a MITB Ladder Match at WrestleMania 28.

The latest news is that the MITB pay-per-view is back on and will take place on July 15 in Phoenix, Ariz.

I was glad to read this. As I just pointed out, Wrestlemania has a really good card at the moment, it doesn't really need another potential shock-inducing match in it.

The only downside I could think of from this is the lack of something to do from the mid-card talent, since I consider Money In the Bank great for them. Some of them really deserve a shot to show the world what they can do at the big show.

Thankfully, with the Teddy Long—John Laurinaitis feud, it's been predicted that the outcome will be a Five on Five tag team match, much similar to the match on Survivor Series or Bragging Rights. This will give five heels and five faces the shot to be in Mania.

So there you have it. Having Money in the Bank as a PPV gives double the chance of going to the main event level to a deserving superstar than the Show of Shows.

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