College Football Wrap-Up: Five Things We Learned This Year

IcemanCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2017

Well, the season is now over, and I can actually get some homework done on a Saturday now.  I sure had fun this year.  I hope all of you had as much fun as I did every Saturday.  I am glad I found this site; it has been fun talking to other football nuts.  I really enjoyed arguing with some of you; it's good for the soul.

Even when I was hungover as hell, I would still yell at the TV when the refs messed up, or cheer when the Ducks scored (my throat is still sore after the Civil War massacre).  I still remember laughing my ass off when I learned USC was beat by Oregon State.

So, now that it is all over, what have we learned?  Florida wrapped up another National title—wonder if Urban Meyer still wants to go to Notre Dame?


1. Upsets will always happen

Period.  The best team in the nation almost always finds a way to lose to someone they're not supposed to.  Florida and USC found a way to lose, even when it was thought impossible.  Next year, and the year after that, the top teams in the nation will be upset—it happens.     


2. The Big Ten is falling behind

If the last two BCS title games aren't enough, this year's bowl games prove the fact.  1-6 is sad, and it proves that there are way too many bowl games.  If Pete didn't slam the brakes on USC's offense and defense at halftime during the Rose Bowl, the score would have been 60-3.  This is also the same team that tore Ohio State a new one early in the season.  Is USC that good?  Or are Big Ten teams really that bad?  

So the question still lingers, why are they a step below everyone else?  Texas, California, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida are the five best high school football states, no question.  The level of play in high school up north pales compared to these states.

Most high school standouts, armed with a choice to go to school where they please, are going someplace warm.  There is a formula imprinted on every young male's mind: hot weather = less clothes on girls.  Simple math when you add it up, but it sucks for Joe Pa and Jim Tressel when they are sitting on some kid's couch, telling him about all the great things to do in the snow.  


3. There are no more "BCS busters"

Utah should have been playing a few hours ago, but that is a different article. TCU, Boise State, BYU, and Utah all have beaten teams they weren't supposed to in the last few years.  The BCS needs make all conferences equal and get rid of all bowl tie-ins.  The Orange Bowl was a waste of time; I could name several teams that could have played and produced a watchable game.


4. Tim Tebow is the man

He proved who should have won the Heisman this year.  I will say right now, Sam Bradford is very good and will have a better pro career than Tebow will.  But Tebow has things that Bradford doesn't: leadership, heart, intensity, and Percy Harvin.

Tebow didn't put up crazy numbers this year because he didn't have to; he had several mind-numbingly fast friends who had to get the ball.  He also didn't stay in the game deep in the fourth quarter, when the game was wrapped up, unlike Bradford (Texas Tech, Missouri).


5. Saturday will always better than Sunday

I will say it right now: I hate the NFL, about as much as Ohio State fans hate Michigan.  If I was a Doctor, the first thing I would prescribe for sleeplessness would be a Sunday of NFL.  The NFL is run like a Communist state, except with more money.    

You could swap their jerseys at halftime, and the average fan couldn't tell a difference.  The NFL fun police make sure that all NFL offenses are perfectly the same, and they do a great job.  The NFL has more talent, sure, but college kids play with heart, and they make mistakes.  Mistakes are fun to watch—it keeps the game exciting.  Watching NFL games is like watching robots run into each other.    

College games have bands, live animals, crazy students, and coaches that don't look like robots.  The NFL has cheerleaders that look like hookers, and players smart enough to shoot themselves in the leg, and many other very smart players like Vick, Tank Johnson, and Pac-Man.  There is a reason I do homework on Sundays, because the only thing on TV is a bunch of overpaid thugs playing just enough to get paid.  


I can't wait for next year.  If anybody has any ideas on how to survive the offseason, please let me know.