Florida Vs. Oklahoma 2009: Deja Vu?

Robb HumphreyCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

So I thought very seriously about my first article, and wondered, "You know what? I have three definite topics and I will do those first..." Yeah, not so much.

Inspiration grabbed me by the horns (sorry, bad pun, Texas fans, but it's the first of many; you're just going to have to used to them), and here I go...

Knowing everyone who enjoys college football is watching the 2009 National Championship between the Florida Gators and the Oklahoma Sooners, watching Oklahoma's star quarterback Sam Bradford, the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner, going against last year's Heisman winner, Florida's elite Tim Tebow and this year's runner-up, I came to the conclusion I would do a mid-cap.

Well, here I am typing this here in Iraq at 0500 in the morning, which should prove a little more dedication toward the subject. I know, I hear you readers yelling, "Get ON with it!" Fair enough.

As I am watching this game, it strikes me odd that I thought I had seen this game before. A flowing offense between two powerhouse teams, coaching geniuses Bobby Bowden and Bob Stoops, a battle between two Heisman candidates, a great defensive battle, and the No. 2 team heavily favored.

Then it hit me. The National Championship of 2001 between the undefeated Oklahoma Sooners and the 12-1 Florida State Seminoles. This is a recollection of that impressive game and season during the duration of THIS impressive game here in 2009.

By the way, it is halftime in the game, and both teams have a mere seven points apiece, with the quarterbacks already throwing picks, showing that my prediction of a close one was very accurate. 

Coming off a previous great year, Florida State worked diligently to repeat their success from the 1999 season in which they went undefeated, as well as were No. 1 in the polls from the season's first kickoff until the last second lapsed in the 1999 Sugar Bowl. Oklahoma was working on becoming a contender with coach Bob Stoops, in his sophomore year and steadily making a name for himself.

Heisman-winning QB Chris Weinke was having a great year at the helm of the Seminoles, but runner-up Sooner Josh Heupel was also in the running to rejuvenate the chances of Oklahoma to win their upset game.

And they did. An ultimate battle of top-ranked defenses endured, stopping the pass from Weinke to Anquan Boldin (how did that happen?), and only giving up a safety in the last 55 seconds of the game, which led to a recovered onside kick, only to be picked off in the end zone, stopping a miracle comeback. Oklahoma was undefeated and deserved to win that bowl.

The Heisman list for 2000 had such names as Purdue's Drew Brees, TCU's LaDainian Tomlinson, and Virginia Tech's Michael Vick. Weinke would go on to be drafted in Round Four of the 2001 NFL draft. However, Vick was First round, first pick, with Tomlinson also in the first round, and Brees first pick, second round.

Was this a premonition of how the NFL would treat this Heisman winner after he lost this game to Oklahoma? Time has proved that this was true. Let's hope that Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford remember that on the next level, it is a little different.

As for the present game, Florida just scored 24-14, and it looks as if we have another upset. Urban Meyer has coached his team to two National Championships in three seasons. The college football season is over. Next year, Florida, next year..."you are MINE!!!" No, actually, next year it is apparent that whoever faces Florida will have to make a statement early.

Calling all SEC powerhouses from the past (Alabama for certain, and South Carolina secondly) to promote the Florida Gator Tail Cook-Off. (Yummy...tastes like chicken.) And oh by the way, Spurrier, I'm sure it irks you to have your past team beat up on you like it has in the past seasons. Can we please contain them just a bit? Thank you...

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for winning a good game and for allowing history to repeat itself in this remarkable coincidence.

Final score: Florida 24, Oklahoma 14