Is It Time for the Pittsburgh Penguins to Shop Big Name Players?

Scott BarnerContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

After arguably the most crushing defeat of the season, the Penguins squandered a 3-0 lead tonight losing to the Nashville Predators 5-3.  

It is getting close to the time to sound the alarm and do something to shake up the team. Moving a few secondary players just isn't going to make the necessary impact.

A blockbuster deal may be in order if the team doesn't begin to turn it around by All Star Week.

I know that this will cause a lot of negative comments from the Penguin nation, but here is time to give up on Marc Andre Fleury.  

He has been given enough time to live up to the standard that has been expected of him.  He shows too much inconsistency and a lack of concentration.  He also shows a lack of maturity to make it as a superstar and team leader.

Shopping him around with Satan and/or Whitney would certainly gain us a consistent starting goalie and that much sought after goal scoring power forward to partner on Crosby's line.  Not to mention a salary dump and take care of the glut of defensemen the Pens currently have.

Whitney also shows unsteady and inconsistent blueline play.  I realize he is coming back from an injury, but he has shown this type of play before the injury as well.

Satan has really cooled off from the beginning of the season and can now be described as a disappointment.  He was to be the man partnered with Crosby and producing high octane offense.  We haven't seen that yet.

Ray Shero still has time and doesn't need to pull the trade trigger quickly.  But he can begin to shop some players around. The heat is not burning hot just yet, but it is getting warm.

Maybe giving up on Ryan Malone wasn't such a good idea but he became expendable when Shero pursued Marion Hossa.  It would be nice to have Malone back.  He showed leadership qualities both on the ice and in the locker room. That is what this team lacks now.

Sometimes just the rumor of such a trade lights a fire under a team. Nobody wants to be the first to go and carry part of the blame for the team's losing ways.

Regardless of what Ray Shero does, I think we all agree that some sort of player shake up may soon be in order.