Five Reasons To Watch the New York Mets in 2009

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IJanuary 8, 2009

If you are a Mets fan, nothing can be worse than the last two seasons.

I mean, after blowing the N.L. East two seasons in a row, you have to feel pretty good about it not happening a third time. But if it does, here are five reasons to watch anyway.


1. Johan Santana.

He may just be the best pitcher in all of baseball. Met fans have had too many disappointments the past two years to appreciate any positives, so maybe its time we reflected a bit.

Last season's failures overshadowed a typical Santana year. Sure, the Mets paid a heavy price for him, but he's apparently worth it. Santana went 16-7 with a 2.53 ERA and 206 Ks. He pitched 234 innings and would have won the Cy Young Award had the bullpen been able to hold a lead.


2. Citi Field

The new Mets ballpark at the foot of the Roosevelt Avenue Bridge is a dandy. Should the team begin to tank, fans can get up and walk around this quaint tribute to the old National League parks of New York City. Granted, it will be expensive, but hey—What are you going to do with your money anyway, invest in stocks or real estate? C'mon!


3. K-Rod and J.J. Putz

I'm tired of turning off games in the eighth inning to avoid watching the Mets blow another lead. Well, maybe I won't have to now that Omar Minaya signed Frankie 'K-Rod" Rodriguez and traded for J.J. Putz.

This time they finally might have it right out there.  The past two decades, we had to watch John Franco, Armando Benitez, Braden Looper, Aaron Heilman, and Billy Wagner blow key game after key game. Lord, please make it stop!!


4. David Wright and Jose Reyes.

I know, you're tired of hearing about these two. Well, the truth is they still haven't come into their own yet. That's good news for the Met fans and bad news for everyone else. 2009 will be big breakout seasons for both of these 26-year-olds. Get your popcorn ready, Phillie fans.


5. Manny Ramirez.

I know, he's not signed as of yet, but it's only a matter of time. The Wilpons got ripped off in the Madoff scam and now are looking for better ways to spend their their money. Giving Manny a three-year, $75 million deal would go a long way to doing just that. 

The Phillies can have Raul Ibanez. We'll have the real deal.