57th All-Star Game Missing One Nation: Quick Hint, It Rhymes with Klovenia.

Kyle WhitelyContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

On January 7th, 2009, the Western Conference All-Star team was announced. I was excited to see who would represent the Minnesota Wild. No forwards, well that is expected, no defense...hmmmmm. Oh! Backstrom made it! Finally one thing I can agree on when it comes to the 57th National Hockey League All-Star Game.

But I stared at the computer screen for God knows how long. The person representing the Los Angeles Kings would be: Dustin Brown.

Yes, Dustin Brown is a solid hockey player, but not All-Star selection material.

The player that should represent the Kings goes by the name of Anze Kopitar, the first born and raised Slovenian to lace up the skates in the NHL.

Kopitar represented the Kings in the 56th All-Star game.

Anze Kopitar leads Dustin Brown in every category with the exception of goals.

Kopitar has 30 overall points, while Brown has a close 26.

Kopitar has 20 assists, while Brown has 13.

Kopitar has 13 points on the power-play, while Brown has seven.

Kopitar has 10 goals, while Brown has 13.

Kopitar leads the forwards with 20:30 of average ice time per game, while Brown is a close 19:56 of average ice time per game.

Kopitar has a better shooting percentage. With every 100 shots, he scores 8.85 goals. With every 100 shots Dustin Brown takes, he scores 7.65 goals.

Yes, Kopitar's numbers don't jump out at you and say 'All-Star!', but they are better then Brown's.

All in all, both players shouldn't be in the All-Star game with those stats, but every team needs to be represented, and for the Los Angeles Kings, it should be Anze Kopitar.