Year of the Pinstripes II: Yankees 2012 Projected Starting Rotation and Stats

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Year of the Pinstripes II: Yankees 2012 Projected Starting Rotation and Stats

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    This season the Yankees will be running the American League East and they won't have to worry about their pitching being a repeat of last years rotation. They had C.C Sabathia and Ivan Nova, but other than that, they had no one. They watched as A.J Burnett and Phil Hughes once again did nothing all year and their off-season pickups of Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia held up just long enough to book their ticket for a first round exit.

    However, the Bronx Bombers have a new look this year. A look that may be the answer to get us back to October baseball. That new look consists of a baby and and old geezer trying to stay in the game.

    The Yankees came out of nowhere late in the off-season and got a 23-year-old gun slinger in Michael Pineda in a blockbuster deal with the Seattle Mariners which saw them deal away future rookie of the year Jesus Montero and pitcher Hector Noesi who showed a lot of promise for the pinstripes.

    The second pickup they made this year was also late in the off-season just about a week after the Pineda deal they dug into their pockets and came out with a 37-year-old Japanese man by the name of Hiroki Kuroda.

    Both pitchers have brought a lot of excitement to Yankee fans and the regular season hasn't even started yet! This team seems like it's going to be a fun team to watch in 2012!

    To end the off-season, the Yankees finally made the move all fans were begging for: release A.J. Burnett. The Yankees recently shipped Burnett off to Pittsburgh for two no name prospects and, without even being there a week, Mr. Burnett has already managed to break his face in a bunting drill.

    Now that the Yankees have this massive amount of talent in their rotation they should be able to win the World Series, right? Only time will tell, so without further adieu, here are your New York Yankees 2012 projected rotation and stats.

C.C. Sabathia

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    Carsten Charles Sabathia is a monster. The man is the best pitcher in baseball if you are looking for a guy who will go deep into games and produce year after year.

    In his 11 years in Major League Baseball, he has won at least 10 games every year and he has had single digits in the loss column in more than half of those seasons. Year after year this man produces all star seasons and this year will be no different.

    I see Sabathia having another one of his monster seasons and here are his projected stats for 2012.

    IP: 240

    W: 22

    L: 7

    ERA: 3.00

    WHIP: 1.10

    K: 223

    BB: 66

Michael Pineda

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    Michael Pineda was only in the Major Leagues for one season and the Yankees traded one of their top prospects for him, so he must be a rare find in Brian Cashman's eyes.

    In his rookie season with the Seattle Mariners he went 9-10 with a 3.74 ERA and he had at least one strikeout per inning resulting in a fifth place finish for the Rookie Of The Year award. He played so well in his debut season that he booked his flight with former teammate Brandon League to join him in the All Star game.

    I'm scared for Pineda. I'm afraid he is too young for all the bright lights of the Bronx and I'm nervous he may end up getting shipped out feeling how Randy Johnson or Carl Pavano felt after their departure from New York.

    No matter what he does this season, he will always be better then next and I believe this is the best organization for the young man to end up in to help make his career legendary.

    Here are Michael Pineda's 2012 projected stats.

    IP: 200

    W:  15

    L: 10

    ERA: 3.15

    WHIP: 1.05

    K: 199

    BB: 60

Ivan Nova

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    After last years breakout season I am a huge fan of his and I'm asking for a second dose of NOVAcaine!

    Ivan Nova burst onto the scene for the Yankees last year as a kid just coming up from the minors and hoping to just fill the void in the rotation and see what the young rook could do in this giant chess game we call baseball.

    I believe that Nova will not have the sophmore slump and all the Yankee fans will see the second coming of C.C. Sabathia. He is a one of a kind and a gem in any organization and I could see in one year that he will be here for the long run.

    Here are Ivan Nova's 2012 projected stats.

    IP: 190

    W: 13

    L: 9

    ERA: 4.02

    WHIP: 1.38

    K: 112

    BB: 64

Hiroki Kuroda

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    I eat, sleep, and dream baseball and there's not many players that I don't know about, but when I heard the Yankees were pursuing Hiroki Kuroda I had no idea who this man was. As of right now I still don't know who he is, but judging by his past records, I don't see why everybody raved about this guy.

    He finishes 25 percent of his seasons under .500 and has a career record of 41-46. How some people have this guy as the No. 3 starter amazes me because I can easily see him dropping to the fifth or even out of the rotation.

    His only high point on his resume that actually makes me want to have this guy on the Yankees is that he holds a solid 3.00 ERA pretty much every year and in a organization like that Yankees giving up three runs a game will win you many games.

    I see Kuroda having a season like he always has. A Burnett like season going up and down and finally ending up around a .500 season.

    Here are Hiroki Kuroda's 2012 projected stats.

    IP: 180

    W: 14

    L: 13

    ERA: 3.65

    WHIP: 1.30

    K: 178

    BB: 50

Phil Hughes

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    Phil Hughes went into last season with high hopes after winning 18 games the year before. He also came into camp with a higher food intake because he arrived a little overweight. He then proceeded to lose too much weight which resulted in his fastball losing velocity and Philly boy losing more games.

    Getting hurt during the season also didn't help him at all. Hughes was diagnosed with dead arm syndrome which, who knew that was even real? During Phil's time on the DL, I went up to a local ballpark in New Britain Ct with a couple of my buddies to watch Phil in a rehab start and he was throwing bullets. Brian Cashman looked pleased as he sat a section over from me and as I looked into Dellin Betances's radar gun in front of me it was reading low 90's for Phil's fastball.

    Phil has come back at his normal weight and I believe all the rehab will pay off and he will go back to the talent he showed two years ago when he was an all star for the first time in his career.

    Here are Phil of the future's 2012 projected stats

    IP: 183

    W:  15

    L: 8

    ERA: 3.73

    WHIP: 1.19

    K: 147

    BB: 63

Let the Fun Begin!

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    The 2012 New York Yankees on paper are better than the 2009 World Series Champion Yankees. With that being said, I am expecting a lot from this team in 2012 from their lineup and from their rotation.

    The Yankees have the best lineup in all of baseball and they have one of the best rotations now with the pickups of Pineda and Kuroda and, of course, the departure of Burnett.

    All Yankee fans should be feeling very proud about this years team because with the talent on this team they should have no trouble bringing home their 28th World series trophy.

    This is the best rotation they have had since the days of Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens and none of these guys are taking PED's! This shows you how good the talent is these days and that is why my projections are so high for these starters.

    If all these starters prove to be what their worth then all pinstripes fans will be in store for a very fun season! Go Yanks!