New York Yankees' Big Deals Vs. Boston Red Sox's Silent Booms

Ethel LairContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

Here we go again! The Yankees made their big deals, but Boston sneaks in quietly the last few days with a BOOM of their own!

No matter how many teams there are in the off season, it always seems to come down to New York and Boston trying to catch the biggest fish available!

They are always trying to out bid each other. Still, sometimes it is those small deals, so to speak, that make the biggest impact in the long run.

Boston did it again with some supposedly small signings. They signed Brad Penny and now John Smoltz and Rocco Baldelli. 

I have always liked John Smotlz, but if he had to leave Atlanta, why did he have to choose Boston! He may be an OLD veteran, but still a great playoff player!

Now they have even more pitching and that they did not need. That is one BOOM Boston always lowers on us! 

Rocco Baldelli is also a good player, and they brought back Bard, and they already had all the position players they need both on the roster and in their farm system. 

In recent years, when Boston has won, it has been because they have had the right combination of veterans and good young talent. We did that years ago and it works.

We needed to do a lot to make us a championship team again!

Sure, we made some big deals. We did a lot to help our pitching, but did we address all our needs? I say no.

We still don't have a solid center fielder, unless we count on Melky having a great year...or Brett Gardner.

Now, I heard today they can't trade Matsui and are thinking about trading away the new ones we just acquired, Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher!

That would be a big mistake in my opinion. I know they have an abundance of outfielders, but to trade both of them would be the wrong move to make.

I would trade Melky, even though I always liked him and rooted for them to keep him. Maybe even trade Brett Gardner. 

I think we need Xavier to stay and play right field. Nick Swisher is a good versatile player, one worth keeping, not one to trade away.  

I am not sure about the outfield as it stands right now.

We need strong arms in the outfield, ones that would make a runner think twice before stealing a base!

It has not been a solid defensive outfield in a long time!

Matsui was good in left before injuries and Bobby was pretty good in right. Milky was okay and threw out a lot of players, if only his offense was better.

We need to, as a team, cut down on errors! Offense is always addressed, but we need to work on that defense.

Molina is better at the plate. Sorry Jorge, I love you, but that is the truth lately. Maybe this year after surgery you'll be back to throwing out those runners effectively

If healthy, Jorge would be better offensively and defensively.

I think we need both of them, and we have Cash (the player, not money LOL) as a good backup.

This is what I think they are looking at now for the outfield. Left: Damon/Swisher Center: Cabrera/Gardner  Right: Xavier Nady 

We could put Johnny and Nick in left or center wherever they play best, and I think Xavier is the best we have now for right field.

We have improved our infield defensively signing Mark Teixeira. Hopefully Cano will only get better defensively and offensively.

Alex and Derek need to have a better year offensively and defensively.

So, to address all our needs, we could make one more move to help outfield. 

One more pitcher would be better than trusting the youth again. Let them be a backup plan. Too bad Andy can't accept a deal, as that would make for a great rotation!

Boston, unfortunately always gets a few more pieces and, if not by acquisition, they just have to call up one of their players from the minors and presto, they have a MVP player!

Why is it the ones they call up from the minors are always an instant success? At least it seems that way.

Could it be our scouting system needs to improve? For years we traded away our good minor-league players, now it is beginning to show!

Well, I think we did good in the deals we did make and they were big deals!

However, we need one more big bat and one more pitcher to be more competitive with Boston, Tampa, and others in our division!

I think the team is okay as it stands now but, would be more equal with the others in our division, if the Yankee brass would wake up and make those deals! 

I did not think I'd ever say this, but maybe the Manny, who loves being Manny, would be just Manny as a Yankee? Maybe not, if he wants too much money for too many years.

Maybe Andy would come if you give in a little more and he does the same? Hurry up and get with it, as soon it will be time to train in the spring!

So spring in to action, Yankee Brass! Bring down another Yankee Boom upon Boston before you're sitting home again in October!