Sports, Literature, Rule Of Law and a Lot Of Respect

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IJanuary 8, 2009

"Don't call people useless, retarded or stupid just because they have an opinion that is different and distinct from yours"

I've been into sports for almost a decade now, that would be equivalent to half of my life. (I know you're thinking about my age) Specifically I'm into basketball, boxing, and tennis. I also have a love for writing and literature and if this article gets to be published it would be my 12th here at the Bleacher Report.

From those 10 years involvement into sports, I've never read anything like or even close to what I read some days ago. I stumbled upon three articles, two from our colleagues here at B/R and one from Ringside written by Geoff Poundes.

There's nothing wrong with the article, what catches my attention are the comments, especially to Mr. Poundes

Laugh now man....heheheheh! Your not going to laugh after the fight.......hehehehehe! Your an an idiot man...An idiot gay, whahahahahahah!

…you are not a man but a half-man-half-woman. That's what you are. Ohh yeah.”

To me you look like a gay not only because of this article but also because of your face. Hahahahahahaha.”

Another suggested that I be “put to prison” for miscalculating the Oscar De La Hoya debacle, adding that the “British empire will start to crumble” if and when Hatton is beaten by the Filipino.

Well, this is a free country...I guess? Anyone can say what they want to say, but what about Respect?

General Rule: A writer must not react to any comments against him. He must not be emotional or sensitive in any way. He must not fight back, his article stands for itself. Even U.S. Presidents are not immune to attacks against them (and had to duck a flying shoe.. twice) so as a writer.


But I just want to clarify, I see myself as no writer rather a sports-fan writer. Sports fan comes first, writing only comes next, so I am an exception to the rule.

It's really sad that I stumbled upon those comments, my sentiments to Mr. Poundes and two of our colleagues.

Let's dissect it one by one, this is not an attempt against the person responsible for making such remarks, this is an attempt against the remarks itself.

First, calling somebody gay is not that good, right? Or is it the newest trend now?

I knew a handful of gays and don't accuse me of being one, no!! nunca!!

Second, calling somebody uneducated (see the comments on: Manifest Destiny "Money" Mayweather and "Perpetual' Pacquiao A Real Dream Match, B/R December 10 2008) is in itself being uneducated.

Third, saying that "the British empire will start to crumble if and when Hatton is beaten by a Filipino" are you serious? Is that a declaration of a state of war.

Fourth, is there any civil, administrative, criminal, property or international law that penalizes someone who "Miscalculated the Oscar De La Hoya debacle" can anyone file a law suit against it?

Fifth, you don't call an article stupid because you don't like what it says (see comments on: Manny Pacquiao and his Penchant for Old/Disadvantage Opponents: Part one), well at least it's your right but are you RIGHT? 

Sixth, the racism issue again.. I'm very sure those guys and a lot more shares the same heritage and culture as mine. I am also a Filipino. I just don't speak in terms of race. I don't call someone American, Asian, Hispanic, European, Blue-eyed, Black, White, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow Green, or any other two million species of kingdom Animalia.

I just want to refer each and everyone as "human being" or some noun or adjective that's best to describe the incomplete thought "close to being Human".

Seventh, I'm not saying that it's stupidity to stand up for your sports idol, as I know, the person who commented in those articles were just being loyal to there idol.

But being loyal to the point of harassing and cursing people just for your sports idol is a lot like stupidity.

Respect!! a definition please, to consider or treat with deference or dutiful regard.

To Mr. Poundes, I am in the opinion that you and Ricky Hatton will eat humble pie come the second of May but I respect your prediction.

To our two colleagues, I am in the opinion that you are correctly mistaken and I think you miss a point or two in your analysis but did I file a protest?

Please, a little less love and some common decency!!

We, not as writers, sports fans or even human beings, but at least as good, civilized citizens of our respective nations must learn to value each person's uniqueness and differences.

As I've said, I'm in the same heritage, culture and nation with those fellows that send the message of their disagreement in a very intimidating and let me say it, primitive manner and we share the same sports idol but I don't agree with the way that they disagree but I also disagree. (get it?)

They might accuse me of setting fire in our own house but I do think that as a good civilized citizen it's my duty to set fire in a house that's been plagued with termites.