Can the Chicago Cubs Finally Win a World Series?

Twins HinesCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2008

The Cubs are cursed—but so were the Red Sox, and they have since won two World Series.

What do the Cubs have to do to win a pennant? 

The Cubs have hope with their three strongest players, Derrek Lee, Alfonso Soriano and their newest signed player, Japanese star, Kosuke Fukudome. Can these three players bring the Cubs to glory?


The Cub's manager, Lou Pinella, is goinjg to adjust the batting order to spark some offensive fire power.

He wants to see where Kosuke Fukudome will help the team the most. He might bat third and Derrek Lee might bat fourth. Aramis Ramirez will take fifth in the batting order. Ramirez led the Cubs in RBI last season.

But this batting order isn’t definite yet. Some people think that Derrek Lee should be first at bat for the Cubs. Derrek Lee said he didn’t care where he bat. Why would Derrek Lee bat fourth? Derrek Lee led the team in home runs last season. Does the cubs want to put him later so if the bases are loaded he has a better chance to hit a grand slam?

The manager, Lou Piniella, needs to make them better hitters. They need to have not a lot of strikeouts and pop-flys. Last season strike-outs happened a lot to them unfortunately. If they concentrate harder, have their timing of their swing better and keeping their eye on the ball better I think there batting can be much better this year. Two players really stood out in the strikeouts in the 2007 season were Derrek Lee and Alfonso Soriano. Derrek Lee had 114 and Alfonso Soriano had 130. They might have the two highest but that doesn't mean the rest of the team didn't have a lot of strikeouts. The other teammates have a lot of strikeouts last season, too.


I think we can all agree that their pitching was their weakest point. The pitchers they really wanted were Mark Prior and Kerry Wood but they had injuries that let the Cubs down. Now Prior is out and Wood is in the bullpen again. Would Wood give Cubs a World Series? The Cubs haven't won a World Series for 100 years.

There is also a pitcher that might help them this year. His name is Ted Lily and last year he earned $6,000,000. His ERA is a 3.83 and he hit 28 home runs last year. That's a lot for a pitcher. He had 15 wins and 8 losses last year that is pretty darn well if you ask me.

If you think that is good, there is this guy that got $12,400,000 last year. His name is Carlos Zambrano and he won 18 and lost 13 games. He got the most money as a pitcher for the Cubs. His ERA is 3.95 last year and he hit 23 home runs which is not bad for a pitcher and he also brought in a 100 runs.

There is another pitcher that earned a good salary and did awful last year. This guy only had two wins and seven losses. He earned $3,333,333 and his ERA was 4.73. His name is Ryan Dempster. Now this is just one and there is some other guys that did awful but they didn't get that much money.


At first base will be Derrek Lee, 2nd base is Mark DeRosa, Shortstop will be played by Ryan Theriot, and 3rd base played by Aramis Ramirez. This infield is looking good for the 2008 season.

The biggest problem in any team for the infield is stopping the ball before it goes the outfield has to run to get the ball. The problem with that is it gives the runner a little longer to get to first. If the infield prevents the ball to go into the outfield they have a better chance to get the runner out at first.

The infield has to have fast, accurate throws to get many outs and double plays. If that happens then they could be successful in fielding. The errors for the infield weren't bad last season but still improvements can be made here. They all need to work on being able to stop everything and be consistent!


Alfonso Soriano, Felix Pie and, the Cub's newest player, Kosuke Fukudome, are starting in left, right, and center for the outfield this season. Kosuke Fukudome, the Japanese star, signed for 48 million dollars to play for four years. Starting for the first time on Opening Day, Felix Pie is hoping to make a great impression. Alfonso Soriano has been playing for two years and he should be looking good in the outfield again this year.

The outfield this season needs to consistently catch line-drive hits and pop-ups as well. The outfield also needs to run to short balls just over the infield and long ones that hit the wall. I think the outfield will do well this season. Their throws need to be accurate and long making sure it reaches the bases that it needs to be thrown to. Alfonso Soriano did very well in throwing long, accurate balls last season.


The main catcher for the Chicago Cubs is Geovany Soto. The backup is Henry Blanco. The catchers this season have to make sure to catch all the pitches possible. Not just strikes and wild pitches but they also need to oumake the plays at home plate. 

 The Chicago Cubs could be a successful team but the key is to have both fielding and batting strong this season. Not meaning home runs every bat (but that would be good) but not a lot of strike-outs either. They need many hits and runs. The fielding just needs to have good throws and not have a lot go by them. I believe they can be SUCCESSFUL!