WWE, Bring Back The Attitude Era! On Second Thought...Don't!

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJanuary 8, 2009

The general consensus among my fellow B/R writers is that WWE programming is getting stale.  The storylines are mediocre and the shows are becoming predictable. 

The creative staff needs to make a change, but what change exactly?

Some people feel that new stars need to be established to help re-energize the fan base.

Others feel that creative should spend more time better developling storylines. 

The most common thing that I've been hearing is that WWE has become too "PG".  They need to bring back the "Attitude Era". 

I agree that new stars need to be established.  I agree that storylines are lacking and need to be more thought out.  I also agree that the "Attitude Era" was a great time in the WWE's history and was very enjoyable to watch. 

However, bringing back the "Attitude Era" would just contribute to the problem the WWE has had of repeating things that we have already seen before. 

The WWE has this habit of creating something and years after it fades away bringing it back in hopes that the WWE fan doesn't remember it.  The problem is that we do remember and that's why you come to places like Bleacher Report and read some of the complaints that wrestling fans have. 

I understand that there is going to be some repetition in the storylines because it's just hard to come up with fresh new ideas all the time.  The WWE however is abusing the repetition thing just a bit. 

Just to give you an example (warning this is a spoiler).  We are soon going to see a storyline involving Jeff Hardy and his fiance' being involved in an attempted hit and run.  Someone tries to take our Hardy and his fiance'. 

For us "die-hard fans" who been watching for sometime we remember the "hit and run angle" involving Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rikishi and Triple H.  Someone attempted to take out Austin with a vehicle.  It turned out to be Rikishi who was hired by Triple H.  At the time this was a shock to fans because no one expected Rikishi who was a popular face to be the attacker.

Looking at the two storylines the only variation is Jeff Hardy's finace' being involved but how many storylines have we seen involving a superstar and their girlfriend/spouse?  We just saw Shawn Michaels' wife involved in the storyline between him and Chris Jericho a few months ago.   

This storyline is pretty predictable as almost everyone knows that the attacker will be revealed as Christian Cage likely hired by Edge.  It's a great way to bring Cage back into the fold but it's a storyline we've seen before.

As stated previously I know it has to be difficult for the WWE to provide die hard fans with things we haven't seen before.  I mean c'mon we've seen every possible storyline, and every gimmick match.  It's hard I'm sure. 

But for God's sake WWE...TRY!  If that means fresh faces on the creative team, so be it!  I think a lot of us laughed when WWE announced that Freddie Prinze, Jr. would be put on the creative team but no one can deny that he's been a breath of fresh air.

Maybe WWE should look more to Hollywood for storyline help.  Is Will Smith available?  Halle Berry maybe? 

While the WWE has these issues I don't think that they have to rehash the "Attitude Era". 

Does the WWE really need to be rated TV-MA to be entertaining? 

As Jason stated in his article, I too grew up in the 80's and watched wrestling during that time.  It was a lot more watered down then our current "PG" version of WWE television and it was very entertaining. 

The WWE doesn't need to have every word "bleeped out" or divas running around in bikinis (In the words of Borat however that is...Very Nice!)  to provide entertaining television.

Just get over this case of "writers block" you're having and entertain us again!