Florida Gators Keys to Victory in BCS Championship

Tony FContributor IJanuary 8, 2009

As my Gators are about to embark on their second Championship game in the last three years, I hearken back to the day before our game against Ohio State in January 2007.

Everyone thought we were overmatched; after all, we were coming off of an SEC Championship game where if not for a special teams blunder by Arkansas and a recovery in the end zone by Wondy Pierre Louis, we were likely to end up on the short end of the stick.

The Chris Leak-led team was not nearly as explosive as the one that we have today, and this leads me to the dynamic that I think will get us over the hump tonight.

Make no mistake, Gator Nation, this Oklahoma team is dangerous, and we need lots of pressure on Bradford, and bump-and-run coverage on the wideouts, who rely on timing.

We are undersized in the backfield, with our average height of 5-foot-9, so with the big tight end Gresham and their other superstar Iglesias, it is imperative that we have sound tackling.

Our linebacker play needs to be superb as well, and Bradford needs to hit the dirt more often than not, and the images of Troy Smith running for his life need to be replicated.

Coaching and preparation are where I think we will make the difference in this game. Given time to prepare, Urban Meyer is one of the best.

With the time we have had to heal injuries to Harvin and Nelson, and the preparation of the defense to be ready for the explosive offense of the Sooners, I think we should be able to hold our own.

This game has the potential to be a very good game or a blowout either way. If we don't pressure Bradford, it could get ugly for us Gators, but I have to trust Charlie Strong's experience as our defensive coach and his preparations!

Good luck to all, and hope and pray all players  on both sides have a safe game and at the conclusion be healthy!