Manny Ramirez: Should the Mets Get the Two Face Monster ?

Mike KentSenior Writer IJanuary 8, 2009

Manny Ramirez changed when he came to LA—he was a different player. He played hard, changed the team, and got them into the playoffs. But the question is which Manny will show up next season—Boston Manny or LA Manny ?

Manny has was not the best team player when he was with the Red Sox.

On June 5 in a game against the Rays he got in to a fight with Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis got angry about Manny complaining about the strike zone by Youkilis in the dugout. Manny got angry about the first baseman's penchant for throwing equipment after at-bats

Later in the season Manny Ramirez had a physical altercation with the Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick. The two were arguing over Ramirez's large game day request for 16 tickets to a game in Houston.

Ramirez reportedly threw McCormick to the ground after saying "Just do your %$# job." The two were quickly separated and Ramirez later apologized for his behavior. And Ramirez was fined for his part in the altercation.

Ramirez frequently did not run out ground balls. Assuming that this was due to his displeasure about his contract situation, many Red Sox fans called for Ramirez to be traded.

And now the big change.

On July 31, Manny was traded to the Dodgers in a three way deal. Manny told his new manager Joe Torre that if he wants him to cut his hair he will. Torre told him that he does not think he will need to.

Ramirez was named the NL player of the month for August and at the end of the season, he finished fourth in the voting for the 2008 NL MVP award

Manny also showed that he can take a whole team on his back, not only by hitting but also by taking command. Last season, in game three of the NLCS both benches cleared at the end of the top of the third because of inside pitches.

Ramirez sprinted in from left field to join the scuffle while the Dodger Stadium speakers blared "Why Can't We Be Friends?". Several Dodgers surrounded Ramirez and pushed him away from the Phillies players.

So you can see that Manny has both good sides and bad sides, the only question is which one is going to show up next season. I think it depends on the team he goes to. If he goes to the Mets I think he will be fine.

The Mets are a Latin team. Players like Delgado and Beltran will make him feel right at home. He can also help the young players like Jose Reyes and Fernando Martinez. He will also improve the lineup with his big bat