2012 NFL Free Agents: Other Teams' Trash That Could Be the Packers' Treasure

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2012

2012 NFL Free Agents: Other Teams' Trash That Could Be the Packers' Treasure

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    As NFL free agency approaches, the Green Bay Packers may look to make a move to help some of the flailing parts of their game.

    The flailing parts of their game are clearly their running game and the pass defense.

    Here are three possible gems that the Packers could pick up from teams that either can't afford to keep them or don't necessarily want to.

Mike Tolbert

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    This may not count as "another team's trash," necessarily, since the San Diego Chargers seem to want Mike Tolbert to stick around, but since they have lots of other players to try to wrap up in free agency, Tolbert might be someone they need to let go.

    So, why might the Packers make this move?

    There haven't been any rumors about it, but I think there should be. Green Bay has never really had a power running back that frightens teams at the goal line and that they can use for short-yardage third-down situations.

    Toward the end of the season, Green Bay could not trust their running game to pick up two yards on 3rd-and-2, which really started hurting them. Tolbert could be a great pass-blocker and a powerful runner.

Mario Williams

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    The Houston Texans just might not be able to afford to keep Mario Williams around.

    The Packers need pass-rushers to compliment Clay Matthews, and they are opening up some cap space.

    This could be an awesome fit.

    With the Packers' 3-4 system, the defensive ends need to be versatile, able to pass-rush and stop the run. Williams could help Green Bay's system out immensely if the Packers are willing to put out the humongous bucks for him.

Anthony Spencer

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    The Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer would be a good fit as a pass-rusher for the Packers if the Cowboys don't franchise tag him.

    Spencer is versatile and is a much more disruptive pass-rusher than his sacks statistics show. Putting Spencer on the opposite side of Clay Matthews would help Green Bay get more pressure on the quarterback.