Tigers-Volunteers:The Game That Changed Everything

Twins HinesCorrespondent IFebruary 24, 2008


Memphis in the beginning of the game was shooting from the outside and was making them in.

They showed that was the reason they were number one, and really started out strong they were really doing great

The only thing that made a difference was they couldn't make any foul shots and that cost them like 20 points.

Their coach said in the beginning of the game " I don't care about foul shots as much; we don't really work on them a lot." This did affect the game because their percentage was 47.1 and that is really bad because your percentage has to be in the 75 to 90-range. In the first half when there were two minutes left Tennessee started to make a run for it and I think the Memphis players were getting tired but Tennessee stared to score more and caught up. The score at half was 35-34 with Memphis leading by one point.

The second half Memphis might have been tired or just wasn't playing good because they were practically were giving the game away. They weren't shooting good and they started to lose rebounds. This team dominates in the rebound area. They had 11 turnovers and a lot of those turnovers were in the second half because in the first half they had control over the game.

I think this team played great defense their centers played great blocking 9 shots and the team had 10 steals mostly from the guards but a center named Douglas-Roberts made 3 steals. This team definitely beat Tennessee in the defense area but Memphis offense was awful in the second half. I am not sure what got into them I think they were nervous because they were at home and they were trying to hard instead of relaxing when they took a shot. Memphis also made stupid mistakes and giving the ball away on things like travels or giving Tennessee foul shots.


Tennessee in the beginning of the game was shooting from the outside and just kept making them in and was leading until they just couldn't make a shot in. It would hit the backboard or the rim and I just felt like why can't they make anything in. I think they were nervous and maybe it was stressing. They had 15 turnovers that was mostly in the first half.

In the first half Tennessee was giving the ball away and it was on, getting a rebound then bobbling the ball and giving to the other team or it would be like making a backwards pass, there is a Memphis player right in front of the person. But they had an incredible 46 rebounds I am not sure how they got that much and I think that really changed the game because Memphis wasn't getting that much. But Tennessee coach had a lot of trust in these guys and belive they will win. They really showed they could win in the last two minutes of the first half when they were down by ten and by half only a 1 point difference.

They started the second half great making a lot of shots and making it hard for Memphis to catch up. Their shooting percentage was 37.5% not a lot because in the first half they couldn't make anything in. But they were definitely bombing the second half. I believe this team felt confident and ready to go after the half.

They were really showing their stuff and what they can do. I felt like Tennessee was definitely showing they could beat Memphis because how they were playing very aggresive. I felt like Tennessee was really pressuring Memphis because they were taking a lead and they weren't ready to lose it. They were really playing hard and they were the team that desvered it. Even thought they only had 3 blocked shots and 5 steals not really close to what Memphis had. But Tennessee still played great and they weren't just good in one area they were good in both offense and defense while Memphis was really strong on defense and okay on offense.

Tennessee beat Memphis 64 to 62 and incredible down to the last minute game.