Wrestlemania: Changing the Past

dav brenContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Every year, Wrestlemania is the highlight of the wrestling year. Sometimes it lives up to expectation (Wrestlemania 19, 23) sometimes it surpasses expectations (Wrestlemania 17, 22) but a lot of the time it can let us down.

If you could go back and alter any Wrestlemania card in history and make it what it should have being, Which wrestlemania would you chose?

Here, I'll take a look at Wrestlemania Seven. The original card was:


The Rockers vs The Barbarian and Haku

The Texas Tornado vs Dino Bravo

The British Bulldog vs The Warlord

The Nasty Boys vs The Hart Foundation

Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel

The Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka

The Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage

Tenryu and Kitao vs Demolition

Boss Man vs Mr. Perfect

Greg Valentine vs Earthquake

The Mountie vs Tito Santana

L.O.D vs Power and Glory

Virgil vs Ted Dibase

Hulk Hogan vs SGT Slaughter


My revised card would feature:

Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior

Randy Savage vs The Undertaker

Hart Foundation vs The Rockers

Demolition vs L.O.D

Mr. Perfect vs Ricky Steamboat

Boss Man vs The Mountie

Virgil vs Ted Dibase

Jake Roberts vs Rick Martel

Tenryu and Kitao vs The Nasty Boys

The British Bulldog vs Texas Tornado


If you could change a Wrestlemania, which one would it be?