WWE: Why the Rock and John Cena Are Hurting the Fans

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIFebruary 27, 2012


The Rock is set to return to the WWE Universe tonight on Monday Night Raw.  With only a few weeks left to build up the main event to WrestleMania, John Cena and the Rock will most likely be battling one another like politicians fighting for a party nomination.

In other words, this is going to get ugly.  Even uglier than it already has been.

We already heard from John Cena last week, when he predictably attempted to undermine the Rock and come across as a blue-collar worker that will always be loyal to the WWE. He presented the Rock as someone who had forgotten his fans and turned his back on everyone.

Tonight, the Rock will have a chance to make his rebuttal against Cena’s comments. I am predicting that the Rock will not back down and instead go on the offensive by tearing holes into Cena’s arguments. He will then do the same thing John Cena has been doing and try to discredit his opponent any way he can.

By the end of the night, both men will yell insults at each other that we all heard back when we were children playing in the school yard.

I believe that the WWE should nix the match at WrestleMania and instead have Cena and the Rock in a “lame joke” contest where the audience will vote for whoever has the lamest joke about their competitor.  I think that would be much more interesting than any match these two can put on.

The real problem with this match is it has caused the fanbase to split at a dangerous level.

I think the “shoots” and debates that the Rock and Cena are having is beginning to do both men harm. The Rock’s entire legacy is starting to be questioned by fans of the current product, and that is just thoughtless.

On the other side, you have fans that are beginning to legitimately hate every time John Cena’s music plays.  That may not help the WWE going forward considering he will be the face of the company for the foreseeable future.

Is it wise for the WWE to have two of their biggest stars constantly involved in a slanderous war of words like this?

Fans are beginning to take this match too serious as if this is a battle between good and evil.  Depending on who you root for will determine who fills those roles, but no matter what the concept remains the same. Fans are literally attacking one another over who deserves to win more.  Some fans come across as brainwashed, and the environment of the IWC is becoming more poisonous by the day over this feud.

I will say it again: The ending to this match will never be able to satisfy the majority of the WWE Universe. 

The best part about this match is that neither individual needs this kind of win to solidify their status as one of the all-time greats. I am not in the business of comparing the biggest stars in the WWE of all time, but clearly the Rock and John Cena make the top five.  No matter who wins it will not elevate one of them any higher than they already are in the history books.

I am making an appeal to fans of both men to be more positive. I was astounded at the amount of people who were writing about how “The Rock really did turn his back on the fans.” Shawn Michaels, Trish Stratus and Steve Austin, to name a few, all left wrestling and are successful in movies and TV. Did they also turn their backs on us?

I think fans have forgotten how long the Rock was in the WWE because it has been so long since he has been a full-time performer. It is easy for Cena to look as if he cares more because he is currently the face of the WWE. Well, the Rock was John Cena before John Cena became who he is today.

Fun fact: The Rock and John Cena have both been full-time wrestlers on a WWE roster eight years each.

Fans of both can argue “who is the greatest” and all of that nonsense, but the truth is they are incomparable. A victory by either man at WrestleMania will not settle that impossible question. Instead of debating unanswerable questions, we should be enjoying a historical match.

The sad truth is that most fans, myself included, have not enjoyed the buildup of this feud. After a year of nonstop advertising and shaky storylines, I am already sick of hearing from both Cena and the Rock. The WWE will not end the day that WrestleMania happens, and I feel like everything has been overshadowed because of this match. The WWE should be more than just this.

I know a lot of people believe that the match is going to live up to the hype. You will have to forgive me if I believe that this match will do more harm than good for both men and the fans who watch on a daily basis.

I will end by making one final plea to my readers. Typically, my articles are meant to stimulate conversation in a way where we can all share our opinions. I want to remind everyone out there that you should never be afraid to share how you feel about a particular topic. If someone differs with your opinion, it does not make either of you wrong; it just means you think differently.

When you debate “Who is the greatest?” or “Did the Rock sellout?” you have to realize that there is no definitive answer. Both of these men have done great things for the company and one match will not determine either of their legacies 10 years from now.

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