Things to Look for in the SEC in 2009

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IJanuary 7, 2009

Well, the first thing you can expect in the SEC in 2009 is that next year it is going to be one of the hardest years in SEC history to predict who is going to the SEC Championship.

But I will say that you will have at least two teams that are going to have worse seasons than people think. Who are those two teams you ask....Auburn from the SEC West because of new coach Gene Chizik, who needs to stick to being a coordinator, and he has little time to make a football team. But give him props; he has made some good hires.

The other bad team in the SEC is from the East, which is Tennessee. I know people predict Lane Kiffin to be pretty good, but I am telling you right now that he is not going to be good.

Yes, I know he has a pretty good staff with a defense that is led by Eric Berry, but I think that their offense is going to fumble and throw interceptions, which is going to tire the defense, causing a loss.

Now if I had to pick out of those two teams where I could be wrong, it would be close but I would say Tennessee, because they could surprise someone like Ole Miss did this year.

Now who do I predict to be in the SEC championship game? Well, I did a lot of research and the top two teams going for it in the West are Alabama and Ole Miss. I know Alabama will have a new quarterback, but I think they will have some losses but still be at the top of the list to go.

The team I think might surprise and sneak up in the championship game in the west is Arkansas. I think they are going to upset some teams, leading them to the conference championship.

Now the teams I predict from the east is Georgia and Florida. But if Tim Tebow goes pro, then I might change my opinion.

Now the team I believe will will surprise people in the east is Vanderbilt. I know they just won their first bowl game since 1957 this year, but they are getting better every year. Georgia is also pending if Matthew Stafford goes pro.

So now I am going to give you a quick rundown of every SEC team. Alabama will be a top contender for the SEC West title. Ole Miss is also a top contender for the SEC West title. Arkansas will most likely upset big teams, but will not go to the SEC championship.

Auburn will have a non bowl appearance just like this year. Mississippi State will make a few upsets but will not be a contender until 2010. LSU will be better next year but will not be a top contender until 2010.

Now here is my rundown for the East. Florida will have a good year like always and possibly go to the SEC championship. Georgia will be the same as Florida, and the annual Georgia-Florida game will actually be exciting.

Vanderbilt will make some upset and might sneak their way in to the SEC championship game. South Carolina will upset Florida, but that will be their best victory. Tennessee will not be too good this year due to its new head coach. Kentucky will make some upsets but will just go to the same bowl as they did this past year.

So this is my rundown of the SEC in 2009, so please comment.