UFC 144 Results: What We Learned from Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Jake Shields

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2012

Photo courtesy of MMAFighting.com
Photo courtesy of MMAFighting.com

Jake Shields has lost back-to-back fights against Georges St-Pierre and Jake Ellenberger and to get back on track he fought Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 144 in Japan.

Shields fought well in the fight even though Akiyama didn't think much of the strikes Shields threw. Shields went for takedown after takedown but couldn't get Akiyama to the ground.

Although Shields couldn't do what he does best, grapple, he out-struck Akiyama to a unanimous decision victory.


What we'll remember about this fight:

How good Akiyama looked in his first fight at 170 pounds. Shields was Shields in this fight, it was more Akiyama's fighting that stuck out.


What we learned about Yoshihiro Akiyama:

Akiyama looked good at 170 pounds. He showed great takedown defense and even got Shields to the ground. Unfortunately he didn't do enough striking-wise. Oh and Japanese MMA fans still have some hatred towards him for greasing.


What we learned about Jake Shields

Shields out-struck Akiyama, but he didn't do any damage. Surprisingly his striking won him the fight since he couldn't get the fight to the ground. Shields needs to become more dimensional since Akiyama didn't take Shields' striking seriously throughout the fight.


What's next for Akiyama:

It's unknown what could be next since afterwards Akiyama said he would take a while to think about his future at 170 pounds. That and the fact he has suffered four consecutive losses in the UFC.


What's next for Shields:

How does Jon Fitch sound? A grapple-fest definitely. Both fighters are looking to get back into the title picture. Could make some sense.


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