Eight Superstars Who Deserve a Better Push

Joe KirshenbaumContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

The WWE can be so frustrating sometimes.  Giving huge pushes to useless no-talents such as Mark Henry and the Great Khali, building the company around guys like Batista and John Cena, when there are so many others deserving of the spot.

There are eight guys that deserve far better than how the WWE is using them right now.

Shelton Benjamin

A truly phenomenal athlete, nobody in the WWE is better when it comes to in ring ability.  Nobody is even close.

In his nearly six years in the WWE, nobody has fallen in and out of favor with the powers that be within the WWE as much as Benjamin.  One minute, he's pinning Triple H cleanly, the next he's jobbing to the likes of Rob Conway and Muhammad Hassan.

After getting a megapush to the main event, he feuded with Evolution and beating every member at some point or another,

Then came Carlito.

Carlito, who was given an even bigger push over the previous year, was drafted to Raw.  On his first night with the brand, he defeated Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship.

And from that point forward, it seemed like Benjamin was forgotten.  Pushed aside for Carlito's push, he went on a losing streak before his "mama" got involved and got him back on track.

After a couple more Intercontinental title reigns and a feud with Rob Van Dam in the spring of 2006, he got lost in shuffle for about a year and half before jumping over to ECW with a reinvigorated push.

Now, in the past year, he's been built stronger, with a six-month (and counting) US title reign, taking part of the championship scramble at Unforgiven, and being redefined as the "Gold Standard" of the WWE (an accurate nickname).

But he deserves better than that.

Until he gets a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship reign, he remains at the top of this list.

Charlie Haas

The other half of the World's Greatest Tag Team also belongs on this list. 

To show that most WWE fans can't appreciate talent, the term "Haas pop" has become the term to describe what happens when a wrestler gets no reaction.

And that's a damn shame.

Haas is one of the most talented wrestlers in the WWE.  He deserves better than being one of the lower mid-carders who just happen to stay onto the roster because they need a "good hand."

Recently, he's finally gotten over with the fans with the help of his new gimmick of impersonating other wrestlers.  Hopefully, they use that gimmick to give him the push he so deserves.

Scotty Goldman

The wrestler formerly known as Colt Cabana, best known for being CM Punk's tag team partner in Ring of Honor as part of the Second City Saints, debuted in the WWE in the fall of 2008.

During that time he's only been in a few matches, losing all of them, and hasn't been seen on TV in months.

Another example of the WWE not knowing talent.

He's great in the ring, but it's his charisma that set's him apart.

There are few guys in the business as entertaining as he is.  Go read his blog on the WWE Universe, or see some of his promos as "Colt Cabana" on YouTube, and judge for yourself.

Paul Burchill

Poor Paul Burchill. What does he have to do to catch a break?

An amazing in-ring wrestler, Burchill was a star in the British wrestling scene.  After signing with the WWE in the fall of 2004, he debuted about a year later on Smackdown as a tag team partner of William Regal.

Shortly thereafter however, things went downhill for Burchill.  In early 2006, they gave him a lame pirate gimmick, which to all his credit, pulled off pretty well.

Within a few months, the gimmick was scrapped and he was sent down to Ohio Valley Wrestling, the top WWE developmental territory at the time.

For the next year and a half, Burchill was the star of OVW, complete with a new gimmick, as he was Paul "the Ripper" Burchill, the most dangerous man in OVW, a bad-ass gimmick based on the famous Jack the Ripper.

After being stuck in OVW for nearly two years, he was called up again, this time on Raw, along with Katie Lea, his "sister."  He started off with a pretty solid push, although they had plans for an incest angle.

Thankfully, the incest angle was scrapped, but so was his push.  After pretty much being forgotten about, he was moved to ECW last week.

Hopefully they will finally give him the push he deserves.

Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble is Santino Marella with far superior in-ring abilities.

His character, a bumbling redneck whose humorous but ill-fated attempts to pick up and impress the divas make for some great segments.

In the ring, the fact that he's a former Ring of Honor World Champion, having held the title between the reigns of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson says it all.  He can put on a good match with just about anyone.

Put him on TV more, give him a solid push, and give him a program with Santino Marella, either as his tag team partner or rival.

Val Venis

Sean Morley, a talented wrestler came to the WWE in 1998, and immediately became a big part in the attitude era as Val Venis, a former porn star turned pro wrestler.

As an upper mid-carder, and a key player in the intercontinental division, he had a promising couple years.  Then, after a few gimmick changes (joining T&A as a generic heel, becoming a member of Right to Censor, being Eric Bischoff's sidekick as Chief Morley), he returned to being Val Venis a few years back, resorting to being nothing more than a jobber.

He's still recovering from an injury, but when he comes back, they need to give him the push that someone his talent and longevity deserves.  If John Layfield gets to become a main eventer because of his longevity, so should Sean Morley.

Jimmy Wang Yang

From Yang of the Jung Dragons in WCW, to being part of the first match in TNA's history, to Akio of Kyo Dai (Tajiri's henchmen), to a run in Ring of Honor, to joining the WWE as Jimmy Wang Yang, a Korean redneck, James Yun has resurfaced numerous times.  Both time he has been brought in by the WWE, it was because of his tremendous in-ring ability.

For a while after his return, he got a rather solid push, getting on TV a lot.  It just seems like, in the past year or so, they have forgotten about this talented wrestler.  It's time for another push.


For the better part of two years, MVP was a rising star within the WWE.   A great mic worker with good in ring abilities and that "it" factor, he was rising to stardom.

Then at some point, he did some things to "piss" off those in power in the WWE, and went from a rising star to a joke with his losing streak and constant humiliations.

Of course, all it takes is a couple big wins to change that, and it will probably will at some point.  And it can't happen early enough.


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