Toronto Maple Leafs: What Does Brad May Trade Mean for Dominic Moore?

Derek HarmsworthSenior Writer IJanuary 7, 2009

Earlier today Brian Burke, Toronto Maple Leafs GM, announced that the club has acquired veteran forward Brad May, in exchange for a sixth round conditional pick in the 2010 NHL entry draft.

May, who will be joining Burke for a third tour of duty, is expected to add some toughness, grit, and leadership to a room that has lacked an overall killer instinct in some of its games recently.

And while for the most part, the addition of May will be welcome to most Leafs fans who are getting sick of seeing the team being hit around, it also raises some interesting questions.

Namely the dynamic between May and Maple Leafs fan favourite; Dominic Moore.

Of course it is well documented what happened during the Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi episode of events. While Brad May wasn't the central figure, he did put a public bounty on the head of Steve Moore prior to the attack.

Moore even named May in a lawsuit, but it was later dropped.

"It's going to be fun when we get him."

Those were the words uttered out of the disgruntled mouth of Brad May, then a member of the Canucks.  He was responding to the hit delivered by Moore on team captain Markus Naslund.

Although he wasn't the one to deliver the career ending injury, it is clear he is among the guilty parties.  And while Dominic Moore and Brad May might well be past the incident, May is no saint, and has more than his share of enemies.

Which begs the question: How can Dominic Moore look across the room at a teammate, a man who at one time took lengthy measures to make sure Moore's brother never played hockey again?

The answer is, he will.  

Just like he put it aside when Brian Burke, also involved in some way in the incident, was brought it.  Moore remained professional, and dedicated to his work.

And he will do so while skating alongside Brad May, no matter what his personal feelings are.

But what does that mean going forward for one of Toronto's favourite sons?

Moore is currently on a one year, $1-million deal.  Just like Chad Kilger of last year, it wouldn't surprise anyone if there was interest from playoff bound teams in Moore.

After all, an inexpensive, third line centre who brings skill, speed, and heart to every shift, is no doubt a commodity any team is looking to stack up on.

So while Brad May is in the final year of his contract as well, one wonders if Dominic Moore will also be shipped out at this year's trade deadline, to reacquire some of the picks that were lost in past deals.

Either way, it appears that a touchy subject will be handled well by Moore.  

No one would blame him one bit for being bitter and angry at May for his role in the injury of his brother.

But he won't show it.  He will approach it with class and professionalism.

He always does.