Still Plenty of Time to Join The Chargers Bandwagon!

Eric GomezAnalyst IJanuary 7, 2009

So what if they finished 8-8 (and couldn't beat a playoff team all season)?

So what if they won the weakest division in the NFL? (Raiiiiderrrrrrs)

So what if, just a few weeks ago, some of us wanted the coach fired? (Some of us still wonder)

So what if Antonio Gates and LaDainian Tomlinson are hurt (in the playoffs... again)?

So what if it could all end this Sunday?

So what.

Lightning bolts are suddenly fashionable around San Diego again, and with each passing day, more and more Charger fans seem to leap out from their hiding places, MIA since October or so.

It's getting crowded on the Chargers bandwagon, but I reckon we can still squeeze a few inches this way to accommodate a couple of more folks.

While analysts and television personalities scramble to gather information on Darren Sproles (just a few nicknames you guys can use: "Lightning Bug" and "Tank"—No, seriously. His mom gave it to him when he was born...and weighed 10 pounds) and pray to the Nielsen gods that people have forgotten that these huge Norv Turner fans hated him a month ago, we embrace the attention with open arms.

Sure, there's still plenty of noteworthy stories going on in other parts of the NFL, and some that should've stopped being noteworthy about two years ago (BRETTFAVREBRETTFAVREBRETTFAVRE), but what's not to like about the Chargers' resurgence?

They're the first team to start 4-8 and make the playoffs, dontcha' know.

Their two top offensive weapons are hampered, allowing new heroes like Sproles and Brandon Manumaleuna (try to say that five times fast) to pitch in.

Six weeks ago, their coach would end a brisk walk around downtown San Diego looking like Nicholas Cage in "The Weather Man", but now there's talk of building a statue.

Heck, even Terry Bradshaw had to get booed and subsequently retract on a recent visit on Jay Leno's "Tonight Show" when he admitted he "liked the Chargers" in the game against Pittsburgh next Sunday.

I volunteer to paint a Chargers helmet on your skull, Terry.

Along with Arizona in the NFC, the Chargers have been fitted for a dress from their fairy godmother (AJ Smith?).

Will the clock strike midnight at Heinz Field? If it does, take it easy when you jump off the bandwagon, guys. Last time, you did it so fast the shift in weight sent me hurdling a good 20 yards.