Top 10 Calzaghe Moments!

Nathan ArmourCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

One year after Joe Calzaghe unified his WBO, WBA and  WBC titles back in 2007 by beating great boxer Mikel  Kessler, 36 year old Calzaghe faced former Legend Roy  Jones Jnr destroying him during 12 rounds of  bloodshed and pure class. Many believe Bernard Hopkins should have won the fight prior, I do not.
Over the years of Joe's career he's faced many great  boxers and with a great record of 46 wins 32 knockouts  it's safe to say he is becoming a Legend if he isn't  already one.
After his big victory and performance at Madison Square Garden will Calzaghe hang up the gloves and retire?
Looking back at Calzaghe's incredible title defences and  amazing performances inside the ring here are my  hand-picked 10 best Calzaghe moments.

Moment #1 - Joe Calzaghe vs Mario Veit.

I'll start on a knockout.
German boxer Mario Veit took two wonderful punches  thrown by Joe that sent him hitting the canvas twice in the first round, TKO. A great fight to attend at the Cardiff  International Arena when the fight was over in 2 minutes!

Moment #2 - Joe Calzaghe vs Tyler Hughes.
Possibly one of the best Calzaghe knock-outs! Two super quick left hooks buried Hughes and won Calzaghe the fight within round one yet again.

Moment #3 - Joe Calzaghe vs Chris Eubank
The fight that won Joe the WBO super-middleweight  title in an epic battle between two brilliant boxers. Joe sent Eubank down to the ground in the first round, a  first time for Eubank to be downed in round one. After Calzaghe's victory and future 10 years of defending the WBO, what a moment this was!

Moment #4 - Joe Calzaghe vs Bernard Hopkins
A difficult 12 rounds for Calzaghe in this awkward fight  against an Awkward headbutting defensive fighter. Hopkins still came very short on the score cards after an amazing punch putting Calzaghe to the ground, he still didn't throw or land enough punches to creep a win. Joe showed how to be patient and careful  in the fight against a superb counter-attacker. Joe beat a Legend after being put down in the first round in what seemed to be a close fight. After his loss Hopkins went on to destroy Kelly Pavlik. That made this moment even more satisfying.

Moment #5 - The Broken Hand
I wouldn't like to think this could happen again. Although after this fight against Evans Ashira me and friends laughed lightly saying 'Joe just beat a man with one hand, hahaha!'.
A very boring fight as you can imagine, Calzaghe suffered a hand injury in round 3 forcing him to only use his right, more weaker hand through the rest of this fight. It's amazing that southpaw Calzaghe can change to using his right hand under such incredible circumstances so early in the fight. However it was a points victory to Calzaghe even with a broken left hand that 'hurt like hell'.

Moment #6 - Sports Personality of The Year

An award presented to Calzaghe at great surprise! A great moment outside of the ring as Joe had gone unrecognised for many years, I think this award opened many people's eyes after his great performance against Mikel Kessler. Formula One star Lewis Hamilton came second to Calzaghe when the award was given with a third less votes.

Moment #7 - Joe Calzaghe vs Mikel Kessler
In my opinion Mikel Kessler was Calzaghe's toughest opponent, he was the second best super-middleweight then and he still is now, a great boxer with an impressive record of 41 wins and 31 KO with 1 loss to only Calzaghe himself. This was a fight that went the distance in a fantastic bout with great punches from both boxers, Calzaghe proved himself in this fight massively, I really thought Kessler was the man to beat Joe.

Moment #8 - Joe Calzaghe vs Byron Mitchell
The fight that made my heart stop, Calzaghe down for  the first time and he sure looked out of it. My heart  trembled as my boxing hero stood up un-easy with a  very distressed look in is eye. The first round was all to Calzaghe but the fight turned around when Mitchell  knocked Calzaghe to the deck in round 2. This didn't  stop Joe as he got back up and counter-punched  Mitchell to the canvas as he tried to finish Joe off. The  victory was Calzaghe's when he overwhelmed Mitchell  with enough punches to stop the fight in round 2. Very exciting fight, very exciting moment!

Moment #9 - Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jnr

Legend Roy Jones landed a punch in the first round putting Calzaghe down, a wonderful punch Joe didn't see coming. Two Legends have put Calzaghe down in the first round and with Jones' record many fans all over the world must have been nervous when that beautiful punch put Calzaghe down. From then on in Calzaghe stepped up the pace out-boxing and simply out-classing Legend Roy Jones, a fantastic fight to watch after the first round went to Jones but from then on Calzaghe really put on the pressure and destroyed Jones, after a cut effected Roy Jones Jnr's vision the fight was all to Joe.
Possibly Joe Calzaghe's last fight? If it is then it sure wasn't a bad one to go out on.

Moment #10 - Joe Calzaghe vs Jeff 'Left a hooker' Lacy.

Possibly Joe's most extra-ordinary fight against a man  the American's were calling the next Mike Tyson. From the first second from round 1 intil the very last in round 12. Why didn't Lacy's corner throw in the towel?
It takes a very heroic boxer to stay in the ring taking so  much punishment from a boxer like Joe. With over  1000 punches flying from Calzaghe through the 12  rounds It was impossible for Lacy to do much but land a knock-out punch on Joe, but that was never  happening. This was Calzaghe's career defining fight  and It made one of the best moments in his boxing career.

Many critics say that Calzaghe's fights have been chosen and the reason he didn't fight boxers like Jones or Hopkins earlier in his career was because he didn't want to get beat, I believe them critics to be either drunk or stupid. When a boxer has been defending his title for 10 years shouldn't them fighters be coming to see him in Wales, rather than asking for ridiculous money and the fight to be fought in the USA?
Before the Calzaghe/Jones fight critics were saying that Joe was avoiding big American Kelly Pavlik, after Hopkins did to Pavlik what Calzaghe had done to him they soon shut their mouths... I'm sure them critics are busy eating their own words as I speak.
What about the time Jeff Lacy was going to quite simply destroy Calzaghe? What happened to him on that wonderful night in Manchester? He quite simply got ruined.
What are the critics saying now? Chad Dawson is going to be the one to end Calzaghe's untouchable record... My response to this? Get real Calzaghe haters and American's who cannot accept the Undisputed, Undefeated Champion of the World that is, Joe Calzaghe!