Knicks 2008 Review

Derek ViveirosContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

This season has been a season of surprises for myself and all other Knicks fans alike. We began the season as we always do, respectable on paper, yet disrespected  throughout the league. 

A fan of any other team would feel extremely optimistic with the addition of a credible coach such as Mike D'Antoni. But us Knicks fans realize that this might just be another high profile flop to arrive at the Mecca. But bold decisions (sitting Marbury) and an impressive opening 10 games had me believing that the D'Antoni and Donnie Walsh era may just be the cure to our woes.

Then Nov. 21st, the day that all hopes for this promising season got swept under the rug. With Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph exchanging their blue and orange digs for flight tickets to the West Coast, Knicks fans were left asking, "well, what are we going to do for the next two season until the 2010 sweepstakes?"

Our depleted roster took to the court and showed great character, battling some of the leagues best teams for 48 minutes with only seven or eight active players. They have shown signs of greatness and have easily been the best Knicks team to watch in the past three seasons.

I say kudos to D'Antoni for the remarkable job you have been able to do so far and how you've able to inspire this bunch (especially Q-Rich who I thought was the biggest waste of space until this season started).

If the Knicks want to salvage a playoff spot by the end of the year, three things must happen:

1) They need to help David Lee crash the boards. Since Randolph left town he's been by himself out there.

2) Eddy Curry and Danilo Gallinari need to get healthy and play a role on this team. Especially Gallinari because D'Antoni's vouched for you with our no. 6 pick.

3)They need to at least try to play some defense, so when their shooting gets cold (which it has been renowned for at time to time) those close games won't turn into huge loses.

But if they would rather settle for that lottery pick, this is the time to do it considering Isiah traded away our 2010 pick. Best of luck New York, I'll be watching.