Gus Malzahn, Gene Chizik's Addition, Gives Auburn Fans Something to Smile About

Ryan WilliamsContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

The Chairmen of the GMAC Bowl will most likely be pleased with the number of people who tuned in for their bowl game Tuesday night.

Many Auburn (and Alabama) fans booted up their televisions for the Tulsa/Ball State primetime matchup.

I did. I was quite impressed. Tulsa had over 600 yards of total offense and put 45 points up on the scoreboard in horrific weather conditions. In fact, there was a tornado watch for most of the day and partially into the game.

Though Tulsa's dominating offense is headed by Gus Malzhan, many Alabama fans still say, "Just wait until Gus Malzahn tries to run his offense in the SEC. It won't be the same."

I believe he will run it with success at Auburn, and he has already run an SEC offense with success in the 2006 season with the Arkansas Razorbacks. 

They insist, "It's a spread offense, you couldn't run it well last year. What makes it different than last year?"

First off, Gus Malzhan is not Tony Franklin. 

According to Tulsa coach Todd Graham, "It's inaccurate to classify what we do [at Tulsa] as a spread offense. It's different."

In what way? 

It's balanced. It will be physical.

It's a run first, play-action pass second type of offense. There is a lot of misdirection thrown in.

It's fast-paced, and the physical style will take a toll on defenses.

Plus, the system is built around an offense's strengths. There shouldn't be the excuse of "not the right players to run the offense" popping up with Malzahn.

I don't know about you, but I think if Auburn's offense can put up 600 yards and 45 points on the board every game, we'll have a shot at winning them.