Jarkko Ruutu Bites Andrew Peters: The NHL Gets It Wrong Again

Matt SchaeferCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

What is the NHL thinking?

In case you missed it (I doubt you could have it was all over TSN, ESPN and even made it to the the Jim Rome Show and sport talk shows around the country), Jarkko Ruutu of the Ottawa Senators bit Buffalo Sabres enforcer Andrew Peters, with 6:47 left to play in the first period of the Sabres four to two win last night. 

No, that is not a typo.  I didn't mean hit.  Ruutu actually bit another hockey player.

People are disgusted by this act and what does the NHL do about it?  A two game suspension.

That is a disgrace.

And please don't tell me I am out of hand at all and I am just being a Buffalo "homer" either.  You don't bite a human being, EVER!

Wild dogs bite.  Bugs bite.  Sharks bite.  Humans do not bite.  

The two game suspension being handed down today was a joke.  NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell just doesn't have a backbone.

Another human just bit another one and you are going to give him two games? Sean Avery got six games for talking to reporters, and still has not played a game since.

It is not like this is just one mistake either.  This is the same guy who was already suspended once this season for giving a vicious elbow to another players face.

I would like to hear the Ottawa fans come out and support their "player".  How do you defend a guy who bites another human being?

The video shows that Peters was indeed bitten by Ruutu.  It didn't get stuck in a door or anything like that, like what some Ottawa fans are saying. 

Ruutu himself after the game said that Peters' finger was in his mouth, but he didn't bite it.

I'm sure.

The NHL did the wrong thing again.  Biting another human being is not only not in the hockey code, it is also not in the human code either.  You just don't do it.

The NHL with the suspension agreed with most of the hockey world out there that the bite did happen.  Two games though?  Please.

It is not like Peters acted either.  Ruutu had to bite through the glove and still broke the skin. 

If you don't believe it bite down on your thumb hard.  Now do it until you cut the skin.  Can't stand to do it because of the pain?  I thought so.

Although on the other side of things, the way the Sabres and Senators rivalry has been recently, I think we will get a staff brawl next game. 

Even if Lindy Ruff did throw a few punches, he would only get a fine with the way the NHL handles things.

Maybe nothing at all...