Oakland Insider: The Great John Madden To The Rescue For The Oakland Raiders!

Farris GunningCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

Hello sports fans, this is another article from the Oakland Insider. This article is going to stir up some serious conversation, from good to bad. 

It's time to bring John Madden back to the Raiders as the GM. That's right Al, call up the Big Man and give him total control of your ballclub and you will see some wins and championships before it's too late!

Madden's lively and flamboyant delivery has won him critical acclaim and fourteen Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Sports Event Analyst. Madden is also known for his loud and straight forward attitude. "Call it like it is."

I grabbed some info from Wikipedia that I would like to share:



Building on that success, Madden was hired as linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders in 1967, and helped the team reach Super Bowl II that season. A year later, after Raiders head coach John Rauch resigned to take the same position with the Buffalo Bills, Madden was named the Raiders' head coach on Feb. 4, 1969, becoming pro football's youngest head coach at the age of 32.

Madden's overall winning percentage including playoff games ranks first in league history. He won the Super Bowl and never had a losing season as a head coach. Madden has a winning record as a head coach against other future Hall of Fame head coaches.

However, the team endured continued frustration over coming up short in the playoffs, especially against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Five title-game losses in seven years left the Raiders with the same image that the Dallas Cowboys had previously had—as a team unable to "win the big one."

Despite a 12–1–1 mark in 1969, the team lost 17-7 to the Kansas City Chiefs in the final American Football League championship game.

Three years later, what appeared to be a last-minute victory over the Steelers instead became a part of football lore when Franco Harris's "Immaculate Reception" gave Pittsburgh a 13–7 win. Then, in 1974, after defeating the two-time defending Super Bowl winner Miami Dolphins in dramatic fashion, the Raiders lost again to the Steelers in the AFC Championship game.


In 1976, the team's luck finally changed when the Raiders put together a 13-1 regular season, escaped the first-round of the playoffs with a dramatic and highly controversial victory over the New England Patriots, then defeated the Steelers for the AFC Championship.

Then, on Jan. 9, 1977, Madden's team finally captured their first Super Bowl with a convincing 32–14 win over the Minnesota Vikings.


The Raiders lost the AFC Championship Game in 1977 to the Denver Broncos with Madden battling an ulcer for most of the season. He retired after the 1978 season when the Raiders failed to make the playoffs.

Madden retired not only with a Super Bowl ring to his credit, but was the youngest coach ever to reach 100 career regular season victories, a record he compiled in only ten full seasons of coaching at the age of 42.


So now we sit back and ponder what could help the Raiders regain some pride in the NFL. John Madden back with the Silver & Black? Probably far fetched but hey, what the heck, we're the Raiders!

John Madden would bring a whole new meaning to the locker room as GM of the Nation. At the age 72 he still poses a ton of life and leadership. 

Madden has a great grasp on the game and always has had a heart for the Raiders.  Madden and Al Davis have always been friends and this hook up wouldn't be too far fetched as it stands.

Now will madden want to come back to the grind?  I think he might!  Madden would give the Raiders the boost they need, along with some crucial acquisitions.

So, Tom Cable would work for Madden, and the Raider nation would win the Division!  I say bring the Maddenology back to the Raiders and "Just Win, Baby!"

Now, let the comments begin...