New York: A Disgrace To Baseball?

Ryan SmithCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

Both the New York Yankees and Mets have been big spenders this off-season.

The Yankees signed CC Sabathia to a seven-year deal worth $161 million. They signed Mark Teixeira to an eight-year deal worth $180 million. They also bolstered their rotation by signing A.J. Burnett to a five-year worth $82.5 million.

The Yanks didn't stop there. They signed Sergio Mitre to a one-year deal, traded for Nick Swisher, and re-signed Chien-Ming Wang and Damaso Marte. I honestly don't know where they are going to put them all. They already have plenty of talented players from last year and now they are bringing in more.

Typical Yanks.

The Mets also have been active this offseason. They signed Francisco Rodriguez to a three-year deal, acquired J.J. Putz through a trade, and Derek Lowe is on their radar.

Once all of these transactions happened, fans of other teams immediately decided that this was unfair.

Teams shouldn't be able to buy anyone they want, especially at ridiculous prices (Look at the price the Yanks paid for Burnett). Obviously, the Yankees are the favorites to win the American League East.

Since I am a Phillies fan, all I will say about the Mets is that it will be an interesting year.

What many people don't realize is:

(A) Since there is no salary cap teams can do whatever they want

(B) They only think that way because their own teams don't have the money.

First of all money has nothing to do with how good a team is.

Look at the Tampa Bay Rays. They made it to the World Series.

Also, take a look at the Florida Marlins. They were supposed to be at the bottom of the league last year, but they put up a great fight.

To answer the question above, I personally do not think either New York team is a disgrace to baseball. If anything I applaud that they go out and get what they want.

Last year, the Detroit Tigers proved that it may not always work out. I do think the Yankees could have spent less money as many others do.

As a Philadelphian, I know that our city wouldn't have had half of the World Series titles we own if it weren't for the Philadelphia Athletics and Connie Mack spending money. Many owners were offended by that back then. I am positive that many Athletic fans were grateful.

What many people don't know is that after the Athletics' first dynasty, the team stunk until 1927. Mack was forced to trade away or sell many of his best players mainly due to a newly-formed Federal League and monetary problems. Later on, they rebuilt.

For all of those upset by the Mets and Yankees, remember this: Eventually, general managers get fired, owners of clubs are forced to sell, and if you finish last you get first pick in the draft.

In a few years, almost every team will have the same chances to win the World Series due to how long most players are playing and how many great prospects there are.

Just look at the Tampa Bay Rays, a team who was predicted to not even have a shot at the title.

Or remember that there is an economic downturn happening. Maybe it will catch up to the Yankees.