Why WWE Needs Randy Orton or Chris Jericho To Win the Royal Rumble

Alex DavidsonContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Flashback to the '90s (I can go only go to '94); what were the two main things that made WWE watchable?

Others may think they're other reasons why WWE great, but here's mine:

1. Unpredictability

2. Realism

These are the two reasons why wrestling was great in 1999. Unpredictability made you keep watching, remember when Vince McMahon won the rumble?

While realism did what it says on the tin—made things seem real, of course nowadays the main reason wrestling is often called 'fake' is because it's so obvious—I mean Batista would have trouble selling a £10 note for free, so it's excruciating to watch him crash and burn trying to fake pain.

In 2000, if someone called wrestling fake, you could probably mount a convincing counter argument that wrestling is staged but still manage to convince the person that wrestling does have dangers, maybe you could Google Owen Hart and then see what the person's reaction was, in 2000 not only was it annoying when people called wrestling but it was also disrespectful to the likes of Owen Hart, who died doing something that's often perceived as 'risk free.'

Now, in 2008, if someone starts up a conversation about the wreck that is WWE and how it is obviously staged, I find myself becoming extremely annoyed and want to argue back, but I know if I try to argue that there is serious risk involved, I'll be torn to pieces and probably get a response like "shut up Tom, maybe eight years ago but you can see them throwing punches at the guys shoulder and the pleb will hold his head," and to be honest they're right.

Of course it doesn't help when multi-millionaire owner Vince McMahon decides to save a bit of money from the tax man, they're no longer called wrestlers or sports entertainers but simply 'entertainers'...Isn't Jim Carrey an entertainer?

It doesn't help when the company is trying to stop being the laughing stock among the sports world when it's owner would rather have more money than's enough rather than actually call them what they're supposed to be.

You may be reading this and wondering what does this article have to do with 'Why the WWE needs Randy Orton or Chris Jericho to Win the Royal Rumble,' well, if this were to happen it would help WWE regain some unpredictability and realism, and maybe Edge would fall into someone who should win the Rumble as well, but I think a talent lacking RAW needs it more than Smackdown (I don't think ECW has a chance of winning the rumble).

Firstly, why the hell has only one heel won the Royal Rumble in 21 years (I won't class Yokozuna as a heel because the whole rumble that year was a joke), and even then Vince gave up the 'Mania shot.

Surely the majority of the time the devious and sneaky heel who'd team up with other superstars would come out on top more times than a face who comes in in the first 10.

With two face champions and the likelihood of Christian taking up the spot against WWE champion Jeff Hardy, that leaves John Cena, the face who get's booed.

Everyone expects a face to win the Rumble; wouldn't it be brilliant to see a five-year-olds face when Rey Mysterio or CM Punk get chucked over the top rope by the bad guy when it seemed certain to win the rumble.

It would make WWE seem unpredictable and make fans tune in every week because they knew something major was going to happen, plus it would make WWE more realistic if a heel screwed someone over to win the Rumble.

People get screwed out of things everyday so it's a no brainer to let it happen in the ring at the most important of times.

So that leaves two prime candidates, Y2J and the Legend Killer, the two men on RAW who get heel heat on their own, who don't have to resort to calling the city there in retards or insulting the local baseball team, all they have to do is win their matches and watch the world boo them.

You just know if Jericho or Orton tried their hardest, it would take under five minutes for the crowd to start launching crap at them.

Preferably Orton would win over Jericho, as I think Orton is slightly better at getting heat, but this is my opinion, I think the fact that Y2J was the biggest face in the company less than a year ago, so he still might have the fan base among the younger audience, while the last time Orton was a face was four years ago, so no one under 10 will remember that, plus his face run was so short.

Also, I think Y2J works miles better as a heel so if they were on planning on a turn before Mania, compared to Orton who I'm pretty sure works better as a heel but there's still a small part of me that wants to see Orton have get a proper run as a face. Hopefully, if a heel does win, he won't turn face, but the way WWE is run at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised.

I'm just saying that if the idiots that write WWE storylines decided to make Orton or Jericho turn if they do win the rumble then Orton is probably the better option to turn into a face. This idea though is unlikely and hopefully if a heel wins the rumble then he'll stay a heel and if face wins then hopefully a heel will screw him out of his title shot (unless HBK wins).

So here's my opinion, if you have anything you'd like to say, please leave a comment.