Columbus Blue Jackets: The Daily Buzz

Nate SantoianniCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve sounded off, but with the holidays, purchasing my new home, and a wedding to plan, it has been a busy couple weeks.  Counting Rick Nash, the Blue Jackets have eight regulars that are injured.  In my opinion, the biggest blow is (former) Calder Candidate Derick Brassard — his shoulder injury puts him out of action for the rest of the season.

As far as I can remember, I haven’t commented on the Brassard issue — it completely stinks.  I applaud the kid for standing up for a teammate, but Derick is not a fighter.  He got his ass whomped before begging for mercy — watching the game on TV, you could clearly plead with his attacker, “Stop, stop!”.  It still makes me sick to my stomach that he’s out the remainder of the season.

The good news (scoff) with all of this is that it should tighten down the dressing room.  To clarify, now you’ve got the rest of the team realizing they need to step up.  It should create some nice chemistry, or at least respect and trust.  It looks like players are going to get a shot to prove their mettle to the club, which is another positive.

I honestly didn’t think Filatov would be seen in a Blue Jackets sweater this season — I think my exact words were “pending an onslaught of injuries”.  I’m happy to report that the Columbus Dispatch has stated that he is headed to Columbus.  My guess is that he’ll get significantly more icetime than the eight minutes he was getting in October — especially considering his dynamic performance in the World Championships.

Fredrik Modin has really stepped up his game, which is more great news.  It’s like he was channeling Rick Nash last night against Detroit.  I thought Modin should have had two or three goals.

I’ll check back more frequently after more developments occur - word is that Torres is no longer in pain, and that he is simply conditioning.  Also, Chimmer is hopeful for a quick return.  Hopefully, his crash into the boards didn't result in a high ankle sprain.

On the trade front, my vote is to get ahold of Jordan Staal of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I think a fair trade is Staal for Umberger (a true wing and fills a Pittsburgh need), in addition to our second round pick in 2009.