Trent Edwards' Signing with the Philadelphia Eagles Is Not All That Bad

Jack WindhamAnalyst IFebruary 23, 2012

Trent Edwards
Trent EdwardsEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Earlier today, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Trent Edwards.

Based on initial reaction from fans, it sounds like it's already a big mistake by the franchise.

The fact is, Edwards is not that bad of a signing for the Eagles.

First and foremost, the team did not sign Edwards with the hopes that he would blossom into a superstar. He's not expected to come save the franchise. The 28-year-old former Stanford Cardinal star was signed to be a backup quarterback.

Edwards' job is to be prepared in case something happens to Michael Vick, who is still the one that is expected to lead the team to the playoffs. The team certainly hopes that Edwards would never have to step on the field for them. They just need someone capable in case the situation calls for it.

Another thing to factor into the equation is how a player fits into a system.

Uninformed fans will immediately assume that Edwards is going to fail because he has yet to prove himself in the league. They simply do not take into account that Edwards is a West Coast-style quarterback who is about to play for Andy Reid, one of the biggest proponents of the offense in the NFL.

In the right system, a player can blossom. Just look at what Jeremy Lin is doing with the New York Knicks right now. I'm not saying that Edwards is going to explode and become a global sensation; I'm just saying that he could finally be in the right place at the right time.

Edwards deserves a chance. He could end up being an asset to the Eagles, even if it is as a backup quarterback.