4 Wrestlers Who Had Their Careers Cut Short Due to Injury

Louie Babcock@Medic_LouieContributor IIIFebruary 24, 2012

4 Wrestlers Who Had Their Careers Cut Short Due to Injury

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    Injuries are a part of wrestling.

    These superstars put their bodies on the line night after night to entertain the fans.

    No matter how the wrestlers try to work safely, accidents still happen.

    I have compiled a list of wrestlers who have had their careers ended by injury.

    Some of these wrestlers were injured in the ring, while others were injured outside the ring.

    No matter how they were injured one thing remains the same—their pro wrestling days are now over.



    *Note: This list is not intended to be a ranking of any sort.

Darren Dorzdov (Droz)

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    Droz made his WWE debut in 1998.

    He was going by the name "Puke," because he had the odd ability to  regurgitate on command. For some reason, Vince McMahon had seen this as a talent that could be used in the ring.

    During the SmackDown taping on Oct. 5, 1999, Puke was wrestling a match against D'Lo Brown. Brown was going to execute one of his signature moves, a running power-bomb.

    During the move, D'Lo slipped on some type of drink that was thrown into the ring. Puke was dropped on his head, breaking two bones in his neck.

    Droz admits that he failed to leap properly into the move and the shirt he was wearing was too loose.

    D'Lo never had a firm grasp on him.

    Mick Foley states in his book, Foley is Good: And the Real World is Faker than Wrestling, that Droz, while on a stretcher, told D'Lo that he did not blame him for the accident.

    Droz was rushed to the hospital. Hours of surgery to reduce swelling and to stabilize the spine were unsuccessful. Droz was a quadriplegic.

    Droz was never able to compete in the ring again.

    Later in life, Droz was able to finally regain feeling and movement in his upper body and arms.

Rick Martel

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    Rick Martel debuted for the WWF in 1980. However, his career did not really take off until 1987.

    Martel, along with Tito Santana, formed the tag team Strike Force.

    After a successful run with Santana for two years, Martel turned heel and began a six-year run as "The Model."

    Martel found a lot of success with this gimmick. Even though Martel was a great in-ring performer and could easily get heat from the crowd, he never was able to get his hands on singles gold in the WWF.

    It would not be until 1997, when Martel signed with WCW, that he would get a taste of what it was like to win a major singles championship.

    Martel defeated Booker T and won the WCW World Television Title in 1998 on NItro. The two wrestlers would meet again at SuperBrawl VIII, six days later.

    During the match Martel landed awkwardly in the ring, hitting his leg on the ring ropes. WCW used steel cables as their ring ropes.

    At that time, Martel tore a ligament on his right knee, suffered a leg fracture and cartilage damage.

    Martel would be out for five months.

    In his first match back he suffered another injury, and then called it a career.

Magnum T.A.

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    Magnum TA began his short wrestling career in 1977. He bounced around numerous promotions within the NWA.

    In Mid-South he won his first major championship, the American Heavyweight Championship, by defeating Mr. Wrestling II.

    Magnum signed with Jim Crockett Promotions in 1984. He began feuding with Wahoo McDaniel and eventually took the United States Championship off of him.

    After a successful title defense against Kamala, Magnum began feuding with the Four Horsemen. This feud, in my opinion, was his most famous.

    He lost a match with Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship, and shortly after, Magnum lost the U.S. Championship to Tully Blanchard. Blanchard held the belt until Starrcade of that year, where Magnum won it back in an "I Quit" match.

    After the feud with the Horsemen, Magnum began a feud with Ivan Koloff.

    Ivan proclaimed that his nephew Nikita would strip him of his gold. After a best of seven series of matches, Magnum would lose the US Championship to Nikita with the help of Ivan.

    This would be the last feud Magnum would be involved in.

    In October 1986, Magnum lost control of his car and wrapped it around a telephone pole. The impact of the collision caused the C-4 and C-5 vertebrae of his neck to essentially blow up. He was told he would never walk again.

    This severe trauma never allowed him to compete as a pro wrestler again.

    Even though doctors told him he would never walk again, Magnum made a return in 1987 at the Crockett Cup. Magnum was able to walk down to ringside with the assistance of a cane and a two refs.


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    Edge began wrestling for the WWF in 1998. He was a solo wrestler who later would join Gangrel and Christian in forming The Brood.

    Edge and Christian were the standouts in that group, and eventually broke away to work as a tag team.

    Edge and Christian began a feud with The Hardy Boyz and together the two teams would reinvent the ladder match.

    Edge and Christian were one of the most successful tag teams of the era, winning the championship seven times.

    Edge eventually began a solo career where he also found success. As a singles wrestler, Edge was an 11-time world champion, five-time intercontinental champion, and one-time United States champion.

    Edge was also a two-time Money in the Bank, King of the Ring, and a Royal Rumble winner.

    Edge was one of the greatest singles wrestlers of his era.

    Sadly, his career abruptly ended.

    On April 11, 2011, Edge told the world on Raw  he was retiring from the sport he loves.

    Edge was diagnosed with cervical spine stenosis. This is a disease of the bones that cause the spinal column in his neck to become narrow due to bone degeneration.

    This is a serious condition that will be with him for the rest of his life, and given the severity of the condition, he would never be cleared by doctors to wrestle again.

    This year at WrestleMania, Edge will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Given his numerous accomplishments in the sport, it is really a no-brainer to have him inducted.

    Personally, I would have waited until WrestleMania goes back to Canada and induct him there.

    Edge was a great worker on the mic and I am looking forward to hear his acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame this year.

The End

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    Like I mentioned in the first slide, there are many wrestlers that I could have put in this slideshow. This is my first time making a slideshow like this.

    I would love to make this into a series of shows, but I want to see how much you enjoy this sample size.

    Please let me know in the comments section who you would like to see on the next installment of this series.

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