Milwaukee Bucks Destined to Relocate to Seattle or Las Vegas

Ted Leroux Correspondent IFebruary 23, 2012

Could Scott Skiles be the last coach in Bucks history?
Could Scott Skiles be the last coach in Bucks history?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Growing up in the state of Wisconsin and enjoying good local professional basketball isn't something a lot of kids have experienced. 

The Milwaukee Bucks were last contenders in the year 2001. The Milwaukee Bucks pushed the Philadelphia 76ers all the way to a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Although the Bucks did lose that game, Bucks fans could hang their hat on great personnel in Milwaukee. The Bucks had the "Big 3" with Glenn Robinson, Sam Cassell and Ray Allen.

Tim Thomas, Lindsey Hunter and Ervin Johnson also were impact players for the Bucks. Milwaukee also had a great coach in George Karl. All seemed well for the Bucks. The next season saw the emergence of Michael Redd and the Bucks statistically were much better, but they finished 41-41 after winning 52 regular season games the year before.

The 2003 season started to see the decline of the Bucks. The Bucks ended up trading their top scorer, Ray Allen, for a worn out point guard who was past his prime, Gary Payton. Milwaukee ended up losing to the Nets in six games in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. 2004 saw the departure of Gary Payton, the breakout season for Michael Redd and acquisitions of old veterans past their prime, such as Toni Kukoc and Keith Van Horn. Once again, a first round exit for the Bucks.

In 2005, the Bucks only won 30 games and hit their low as a franchise it seemed. But two seasons later, the Bucks just won 28 games and the glory days of the "Big 3" seemed like a distant memory. 2008 was even worse, just 26 wins for the Bucks saw the firing of another head coach, this time Larry  Krystkowiak was thrown to the streets of Milwaukee. Only one playoff appearance in the next three years depressed Bucks fans even more.

The Bucks, once a proud franchise with names like Oscar Robertson and Lew Alcindor, have now reached the cellar of the NBA. The Bucks are currently a franchise designated for veterans past their prime, high draft picks or young players trying to get an opportunity to impress a big market team. The Bucks now play in a run down arena that doesn't attract many fans. The Bradley Center is never a place that intimidates opponents, rather it is seen as the home of the Marquette Golden Eagles.

Milwaukee is a city that has recently fallen in love with the Brewers and put the Bucks in their rear view mirror. Milwaukee basketball fans have never been a loyal fanbase, but in defense of them, they have no reason to be.

As long as Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl owns the team, the Bucks aren't going to go anywhere. But, with Kohl getting older, and this team losing on the court, the Bucks could quickly become the SuperSonics.

Since Seattle has lost the SuperSonics, they have been the prime city along with Las Vegas to receive an NBA team, and the Milwaukee Bucks are the best option to be on the move in the NBA. Seattle would love to have an NBA squad, and the NBA could really attract high profile players to this franchise if it were to move to Vegas.

With bad management, bad ownership, bad transactions, a run down arena, a fair weather fanbase and a team that constantly under performs, I think it is time for the Bucks to become the Seattle SuperSonics. Milwaukee has lost its privilege to have an NBA team, and Seattle would love to have one back.