Props, Flops, and Forget Me Nots (Premiere Edition)

Eric RyalsContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Remember the glory days of wrestling, when feuds meant something, when tag team titles had class....Times when we had 20-man cruiserweight battle royals for a title that wasn't defunct every three months. When teams wern't just thrown together......

We have come to the point where for a long time we'll go without a cruiserweight champion, tag teams who just met yesterday (lol), Jobbers getting pushed in main event title matches, and Tag team champions who are none- existent...


My Props:


Edge: I've been an Edge-head since the days of entering through the crowd and sitting in the arena watching his "brother" in matches. The Man keeps on re-inventing himself. The most watched Champion of the Century has had amazing matches since The Rated R era has begun....I see greater things for Edge if they let him keep the title for more than three months.


Mickie & Melina: Now I may be bias but oh well. The only good thing about WWE that has been constant has been these two...Mickie has been such a dominating force and a huge draw for WWE...She is one of the superstars who they didn't weather down with retarded angles and gimmicks pure wrestler....Melina Perez...what more can I my opinion the most improved wrestler overall....her transition from heel to face was amazing....She is pure talent who like Edge continues to re-invent herself....Title run for the "Superstar" Diva


The Hardys: I'm sure in everyone's opinion all that is needed to be said is..... FINALLY. I can say Matt has been faithful to WWE throughout some retarded stuff..that whole him and Edge angle was stupid (f Amy Dumas), he deserves the strap. Jeff has put his butt on the line every match he's ever been in....forget the whole drug thing, Jeff is a true asset to the company.


New Blood Angle: The concept was great, but yeah from

Knockouts:With the new addition of SOJO (Sojourner Bolt) the knockouts are for me the mainstay of TNA. Roxxi, Shantell Taylor (Taylor Wilde), Rhaka Khan, ODB, Cheerleader Melissa (Riesha Saeed), and Kong....WOW!!! divas with Talent being used..on a regular basis

CHRISTIAN CAGE:Smart move...he was so under used in TNA towards the end of his run....Welcome Home Christian...welcome home

Feast or Fired: Oh yes it was great..kept TNA fun this year


My Flops


Dolph Ziggler: Enough Said.....

HBK and JBL "Your my B---- now":Um the angle make no sense to me, too many holes. HBK is set for life...its called reparations lol

WWE writing team:  I mean really whats good, what are we thinking here

Hurricane Helms: Granted i love Gregory but D!!! he came back terrible


Corperate Office:yall lost Christian Cage, the man who singlehandlely got TNA on the market (before Angle and Booker T).

Superstar Hype:Where is it at in TNA it seems like the only star they hype is Kurt Angle

Forget me '


Melina's Return:What a huge "shocker" lol thank you Jerry Lawler for ruining it for us all

Edge's Return: though he looked a mess. Edge came back without missing a beat.


Foley is Good: The best part of TNA was Foley