We Have Endless Pockets, and We Want YOU, Wayne Bridge....

Justin MuehlfeldContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

If you look at my profile, you will notice my EPL allegiances lie in Birmingham with Aston Villa so I need some help in answering the question, "Why Wayne Bridge?"

Manchester City have a cash influx similar to Chelsea when the Roman regime began and the first player they make a push for is a 28-year-old second string back? Maybe he has untapped potential that has not shown but in looking over his previous work it seems nothing more than average.

Bridge started out with Southampton and was with the Saints for five years. In that time he made 173 appearances and had two goals. In the transfer period, he made a move to Chelsea for £7 million and was suppose to be the natural left back for the Blues.

This was quickly ended when they brought in fellow Englishman Ashley Cole. Since then, Bridge has played sparingly and been a regular in Carling Cup matches.

So transfer season '09 hit and Manchester City licked their chops at all the football riches they could acquire with their oil money. Who would the first new Citizen be? Is it a young foreign starlet striker?

Perhaps a rock solid midfield leader who could bring stability to the rocky club? Nope, the first big target was Bridge; 28 years old, second string, perhaps solid defensively but does not really offer the offensive support a £10 mill defensive transfer should offer.

Now, I know two things for sure. First, this is not the end of the spending for Manchester City. They have deep pockets and I believe they will be getting at least 4-6 more signings. Second, the team does need help on the back line.

Currently, they are a star-studded team who is in a relegation battle and desperately need to form up on the back to gain points in the second half. But going back to the beginning of my article, why Wayne Bridge?

Surely an argument can be made that there are higher priorities for City right now. Jo has been a borderline bust at forward and they have no real threatening presence up front. Why not toss the first money for a Roque Santa Cruz? Hmm, perhaps the answer is: Defense wins first. Build from the back and etc.

In the case of wanting a stronger back line, why not go after a Matthew Upson. I am sure cash-strapped West Ham would love to have some extra money coming through and with Upson you get leadership and experience. Both of those qualities are very much lacking for Bridge.

Perhaps Wayne Bridge has potential that I just do not know about, maybe I am just a dumb Yank who doesn't know how much value he holds. But I will say that from a casual but habitual EPL follower, it looks like this deal has BUST written all over it.