Guti: World's Best Passer

Jordon TefftCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

Goal scorers will always hog the headlines. Playmakers often stand back and just smile at the work they did.

Call me backwards but I enjoy the great assist. I much prefer to play a defense-destroying pass than to actually score a winning goal. The feeling it brings is great and different all at once. While everyone is cheering for the goalscorer, he is thanking you while the defense wonders just how that pass found its way through.

To me, the best passer ever is José María Gutiérrez—better known as Guti.

Guti has vision unlike any other player to play the game. A highlight reel for him would consist of very few goals but many great passes that break down defenses.

Guti made 32 appearances during the 2007-08 La Liga season and lead the league in assist with 12 despite having less playing time than other notable passers.

"A-game" Guti is the sole contender for being the best passer in the game. His consistency would be his down fall.

Playing along the likes of Zidane and Figo can only help one's career. They are two fine payers who can teach everyone they play with. Guti has learned a lot from these two. Unlike many star players though, Guti can go from the best player one week to absolutely horrible the next.

If greatness came from "A-game" alone, Guti would be great. Unlike Zidane and Figo and others like Pirlo, Xavi, Scholes, etc, Guti seldom puts in a series of great games. It seems almost as if Guti is only good for a third of the season.

Being late in his career Guti most likely will not become a consistent player. Regardless, if someone were to ask me who is the best passer, I would say Guti. If they asked who the best, most consistent passer, I'd have a list of great ones, not one being Guti.