WWE Road to WrestleMania 28: 4 Bold Predictions for the Rock vs. John Cena

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IFebruary 23, 2012

WWE Road to WrestleMania 28: 4 Bold Predictions for the Rock vs. John Cena

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    The Rock vs. John Cena is one of the best feuds the WWE has had in a very long time. Featuring two of the biggest names for the current era and the attitude era, this feud is bigger than just a typical wrestling match.

    WrestleMania is now only less than 40 days away, and it seems like the ball is going to start rolling faster than ever with this feud. The Rock is expected to be live on Raw this Monday, which airs from Portland, Oregon. Expect to the Rock and John Cena to add fuel to the fire this Monday.

    This matchup will gain a lot more attention once Raw comes to a close this Monday, and fans will wait in anticipation to see these two giants finally come face to face.

    Here are four very bold predictions for the matchup between John Cena and the Rock at WrestleMania 28. 

The Rock Will Be the Heel

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    The WWE would be smart to make the Rock a heel because it is apparent that John Cena is not turning heel any time soon. 

    This Monday on Raw, the Rock will cut a promo in front of the WWE Universe. The Rock said that “the truth will be revealed."

    Expect for the Rock to come out and cut a promo that will nevertheless turn him into a major heel. The Rock will tell the WWE Universe that he left them because he wanted to make more money and because he was too good for the WWE.

    He will also likely conclude that the only reason Cena is still around and not making movies is because he is not a good actor and that is why he is here in the WWE.

    A promo like this will likely hit some fans the wrong way, and the Rock will hear a lot of boos from the crowd—from Monday all the way to WrestleMania 28. 

There Will Be More “Let’s Go Cena” Chants Than “Cena Sucks” Chants

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    Although this match is coming live from the Rock’s hometown in Miami, John Cena will not be treated the same way he was in CM Punk’s hometown when he faced Punk for the WWE Championship.

    If you missed the promo that John Cena cut last week, you can see it here by clicking on the video posted in this slide; it's one of the best promos of his entire career.

    During Cena’s promo all the cheering and support overpowered all of the hatred from the fans. Cena did not make any childish jokes. Cena did not make a speech about how he will rise above and conquer.

    Cena did, however, address something that fans have been talking about for years, and that is how the Rock sold out on the WWE Universe to become a movie star.

    The cheers for the Rock were slowly dying out once John Cena got on the same level with the fans and discussed his disappointment in the Rock for becoming a leader of an entourage in Hollywood. When Cena called the Rock the "Champ of the People" many fans were behind him. 

    Cena's promo was genius because instead of focusing on his match with the Rock he was focusing on his love and passion for wrestling. And, no matter how the fans feel about Cena, they love wrestling too much to boo Cena at that moment. 

    Even if the Rock is not booked as the heel, expect Cena to hear a lot more chants than you would think because of the slight tweak to his character that allows him to add more fierce passion on the microphone by using stronger language. 

The Rock Will Beat John Cena

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    This one might come as a shock to most of the WWE Universe. Contrary to popular belief, the Rock will beat John Cena.

    Cena will be over with the crowd the whole time, and it will seem as if he will finally pull off the upset and defeat the Rock—only to have the Rock defeat him. There will be a typical moment where the referee goes down, and the Rock uses a “foreign object” to take Cena out and give the Rock a dirty victory. 

    If the Rock does beat John Cena do not expect a clean victory. 

    The WWE knows that the fans are fully expecting Cena to win this bout, so they might just go ahead and have the Rock win—only to set up a couple of rematches. The WWE hates it when their fans know what is going to happen and like for the element of surprise to always be in the room. 

This Won’t Be the Last Match Between the Two

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    If the Rock does go ahead and beat Cena then do not expect for that to be the end of the Cena vs. Rock feud.

    The WWE knows how to milk an opportunity whenever it is presented. If Cena wins this match then a rematch would be unnecessary, but if the Rock wins then Cena will beg for a rematch. The WWE could book another fight against the two at SummerSlam and next year’s WrestleMania.

    The Rock has already confirmed that he will be in Met-Life Stadium for next year's WrestleMania. It is safe to expect that if the Rock does wrestle at next year’s event it will likely be against John Cena for their rubber match. 

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