Five Reasons To Bet on the Florida Gators Winning the BCS Title

ctsports picksAnalyst IJanuary 7, 2009

Thursday's National Championship game is almost here and the odds makers have made Florida Gators a four point favorite over Oklahoma Sooners. Today Craig is going to list the top five reason why Florida wins the championship.


1. Tim Tebow

The most creative defensive coach in college football is Nick Saban, which faced Tebow in the SEC Championship game, he swore to take away Tebow and hit him on every play to wear him out at the end of the game. Well that did not work as he carried them in the fourth quarter after taking all the punishment for the first three quarters.

Tebow also has improved his throwing ability to save his body from the beating he takes when he does run. After the SEC Championship game Nick Saban said Tebow is the best player on the best team and he is the difference maker.


2. Defense

The weakness of last year's Florida team was their defense and they really were hurt by the secondary. This year they have been much improved in fact they only gave up more than 21 points one time, in their loss to Ole Miss. There pass defense has been very good this year and definitely is not a weakness like it was last year.

They better be improved because Oklahoma throws the ball more than anybody they faced all year and scored the most points in college football. Florida to win this game must hold Oklahma to under 30 points to have any chance to win!


3. Special Teams

Might swing this game into Florida's corner for sure. Oklahoma gave up three kickoff returns for TD's this year and with Florida's fast returners this might cost the Sooners. Also, Florida leads the nation with blocked punts this year and even had three blocked punts in one game against Vanderbilt. Florida will surely have some trick plays and or special block formations in there game plan for special teams.


4. Offensive Line

If Florida is to win they must be able to run the ball which means the road graders at O line must create some openings. Florida does not have big running backs so they really depend on there line to create openings and then use there speed to break long runs. Of course on short yardage Florida uses Tebow as a RB. Florida will not win unless there offensive line wins the battle at the line of scrimmage.


5. Percy Harvin

Coming off an injury in the last regular season game Percy missed the SEC championship game. Reports are saying he will be ready for the game and Percy says he will be around 90 percent healthy. One word comes to mind when watching Harvin either run or catch the ball is GAMEBREAKER. Florida will have to have him be effective to win this game. Harvin is the wildcard of this game he is the one player that no one can stop if he is healthy.

Actually, if Florida takes care of the above areas, they will blow out Oklahoma. The four-point spread will not be a problem if they take care of all top five reasons. But if they don't take care of these, Oklahoma will win going away.


Tomorrow we will look at the top five reasons why Oklahoma wins.

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