WWE Missed Opportunities

dav brenContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

Over the years there have being some great opportunities missed for one reason or another; some explainable, some just bad writing. I don't know about you but I sit through most of the wrestling year waiting, waiting for the big pay-off which sometimes doesn't happen.

1. Hogan vs Flair: the biggest missed opportunity in my opinion. They had been champions of their own worlds for years and finally were put together. 

The set up was perfect: Flair arrived with the heavyweight belt professing to be "The real worlds champion" the match was even set for Wrestlemania 8 it was gonna be huge.

The problem was Hogan was retiring and wanted to win; the WWF understandably didn't want Hogan to retire champ. I blame Hogan for this; he could have lost and it wouldn't have made one bit of difference to his legacy.

2. McMahon buys WCW: The main problem here was the lack of talent brought over from WCW to make it interesting. Scott Steiner opted out, as did Sting, and for some reason Vince refused to buyout Goldberg's contract.

3. Unpushed talent, uncrowned champions: The WWE(F) has its fair share of unpushed talent. Dusty Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat were majorly under used and WWE gave us dross champions like Sgt. Slaughter and pushed the likes of Lex Luger when Mr. Perfect and Ted DiBase went all those years without the title 

4. Road Warriors vs Demolition: For years both were the best team in there federation much like the Hogan/Flair scenario, they actually feuded demolition vs L.O.D and the Warrior but no big pay-per-view match two-on-two.

5. Hogan vs Bret Hart: The problem again was Hogan refusing to drop the title to Hart, thinking he wasn't a worthy contender to his throne; how wrong he was.


This year has the potential to be a very big year with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania and Jeff Hardy a massively popular champion. Will WWE rise to the occasion or drop the ball?