New England Patriots: Team or Flash? [Old]

Nick CovielloCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

Everyone likes to get see fireworks, just like everyone would want to go see the Harlem Globetrotters. Both are examples of exciting entertainment and flash at its highest level. The New England Patriots have never been flashy or have had the explosive players that single handily brought fans to games.

The Patriots have been nothing more or less than a team for the past eight seasons or so.

And then came 2007.

2007 was like a mix of the Watergate scandal, a no-hitter, and the McGwire/Sosa home run chase of '98 for the Patriots. To say that 2007 was an amazing season would be an undeniable understatement. Being Patriots fans, we had gotten used to the notion of the “teams win games” philosophy, so naturally 2007 took us way off guard.

Everyone knew the Patriots would be good, even before the trade for Randy Moss, but what we got was staggering. Within the first month came Spygate, which could possibly be one of the biggest (and most overblown) scandals in NFL history and it was happening to OUR New England Patriots!

The same team that always held the team before the player, and that didn’t stand for any rule breaking or acting out was becoming the most hated team in the NFL.

The Patriots were docked a first-round pick and having their championships questioned; also, the NFL’s most notable coach was fined $500K and was losing credibility with the league.

Alone, Spygate would have been enough to make 2007 the most “anti-Patriot” season in a long while...

And then, all of a sudden, a team more famous for its defensive prowess was putting points up like they were computer carrots and the two most notable names on the offense were chasing their positions most respectable records.

Seriously? A couple players on the New England Patriots chasing records? Wasn’t this the team that had once claimed to not have one superstar? It was like seeing the picture negatives of this team. And oh yeah, they were also trying to complete a perfect season.

Watergate, McGwire/Sosa, and the pursuit of a no-hitter. All unheard of things when talking about the New England Patriots. Spygate turned out to be as bad as Watergate, both Brady and Moss ended up breaking previous records much like McGwire/Sosa and as for perfection?

Well...Let’s just say the no-hitter was broken up with two outs and strikes in the ninth. Not once has a Patriots season carried so much pressure, so much attention, and so many headlines.

That being said, what should everyone expect out of the 2008 Patriots? More than likely (and hopefully) the Pats won’t be involved in another scandal, and teams have learned that the key to slowing down the offense is to put pressure on Brady and take Moss out of the game.

As for perfection? The Patriots almost did it last year and their schedule this year is five times easier so who knows. Look at it this way...The flashy Patriots gathered the front page headlines, the records, the fame, but they lost the Super Bowl. The team-oriented Patriots won three Super Bowls in six years.

My wonder is which Patriots team will we see this year? The firework Globetrotter Patriots or the team-oriented, Super Bowl hungry Patriots?

Which team would you prefer to see? Personally, I’d expect a disproportional sway towards one side.