Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hire LSU DB Coach, Is Mo Claiborne the One?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IFebruary 23, 2012

Will Mo Claiborne's coach lobby for him?
Will Mo Claiborne's coach lobby for him?Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

This one simply screams "Morris Claiborne."

It does, no way around it, connect the dots.

The latest hire by Greg Schiano is Ron Cooper, who just happens to come to your Tampa Bay Buccaneers from that school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University. What's more, is that Cooper coached the defensive backs and there's this defensive back from good ole LSU who is pretty good and it seems the Bucs really need a pretty good corner.

Cooper coached Claiborne, knows Claiborne, you know he loves the guy and let the campaign begin. It is certainly hard to imagine any other scenario at this moment.

For all you Trent Richardson lovers out there, well, your guy had "secret" knee surgery after the championship game. That came out yesterday when it was revealed that he won't run at the Underwear Olympics, aka the NFL combine.

What this team really, really doesn't need is another running back drafted high in the first round, who could end up as the next Cadillac Williams. Yes, Caddy was a great guy, had a great rookie season, but then you know the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.

The more you think about it, the more you look at Claiborne, a combination of sanity and common sense tell us that he should be the guy.

Fact is, Richardson's running style doesn't equate to a long shelf life in the NFL. When you draft in the fifth slot, you need a guy who will be a solid, 10-year starter, a future Pro-Bowler.

For those who still like Richardson, look at Adrian Peterson. Last year was his fifth season and he suffered a torn ACL. His production was awesome the first three season, slacked off the fourth then whammo, knee injury in year five.

Defensive players are bigger, stronger and faster than they were in Emmitt Smith's day. How many running backs have been at it for 10 years?

Which brings us back to Claiborne and Cooper.

Mark Dominik likes to do his due diligence.

He and Schiano just hired the book on Morris Claiborne.