WWE's new world champions in 2009

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Everyone agrees that the WWE needs new main-eventers.

Here are my top ten picks for new World Champions in 2009.


10. Finlay

Although it's a long shot, I could see Finlay carrying ECW's world title.


9.The Miz

Half the WWE's best tag-team, The Miz is highly regarded throughout the company. The Miz will be a world champion eventually; but the question is, how soon.  I don't think he'll capture a world title until at least 2010.  But anything can happen.


8. Cody Rhodes

My pick for the Royal Rumble, and my favorite to watch right now is number eight.  He has vastly improved since his debut, and could easily become the most improved wrestler for 09 as well.  I could see him winning the title, but not until more like December.  We might have to wait until 2010 for this one as well.


7. Shelton Benjamin

Toted as the greatest athlete in the WWE, young Shelton Benjamin could surprise many people in 2009.   He has everything you need to be a world champion, he just needs the opportunity.


6. Evan Bourne

The WWE might be a little hesitant to allow another "small wrestler" a world title run, due to Rey Mysterio's garbage reign.  But if anyone has the skill set to concur Vince's mind, it's Matt Sydal [Evan Bourne].


5. Ted Dibiase Jr.

He's undoubtedly going to be pushed huge as a baby face, but the results of the push are what's in question.  Will it be enough to warrant a world title.  I think so. Expect him to win MITB this year.


4. Jack Swagger

The 6'4 beast is looking to be the WWE's next Brock Lesnar.  He's in the opening stages of getting a great heel push over on ECW.  I could see him taking the title as soon as the Royal Rumble.


3. Montel Vontavious Porter

In the midst of one of the most creative pushes in memory, MVP is being watched week after week lose.  Normally that's a bad thing.  It isn't with the right guidance. As long as MVP doesn't do anything to jeopardize it, I'm sure he will win a world title.


2. Christian Cage

If he comes back, he has to get it.  I'd bet it's even in his contract.


1. Mr. Kennedy

They've tried to give him the title twice before.  [MITB, and Vince's son angle] Both times something happened to cause it from not going through. In the WWE, they typically have a three strikes and you're out deal.  Look for them to test him early.  I could see him winning it as soon as Summerslam.

Thanks for reading.