Karma Will Cost the Florida Gators the National Championship

Tim BondCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Now, before I get too far into this article, I want to say I think Tim Tebow is a very good athlete and quarterback. I also want to say that the Florida Gators are a very good football team.

Now then, I am sick and tired of all the Florida this, Florida that, and the Tebow this, Tebow that, talk.

If you scan across the many media outlets on the internet, all you hear about is how fast and good Florida is and how bad the Oklahoma defense is.

Tom Dienhart, a senior sports writer at Rivals said this of Tebow in a recent article:

“He's 6'3", 240 pounds of All-American dream, a larger-than-life icon whose presence makes the 2009 BCS Championship Game, well, a little larger than life.”

Mr. Dienhart also went on to write, “College football's biggest star gets to play on the game's biggest stage Thursday night at Dolphin Stadium. Whatever you do, don't miss it. Cherish this moment. Program your DVR. If you're stuck in the 1990's dust off your VCR and videotape it.”

He continues, “This is Michael Jordan in the NBA Finals in 1993. This is Reggie Jackson in the 1977 World Series. This is Wayne Gretzky in the 1985 Stanley Cup Finals. This is Joe Montana in Super Bowl XXIV.”

Really? Mr. Dienhart, please come back to reality. Please.

Tim Tebow may be a great college football player. He may be an even better person. Hell, he may even be a great role model for young kids. But this kid, I repeat, KID, is not the biggest, or best, college player this year, let alone in the history of college football.

Then we have people like Lee Corso striking down Oklahoma and their defense. Stating mindless drivel after College Game Day did a piece about Gerald McCoy (DT of Oklahoma) losing his mother before he even played a down at OU.

Lee Corso made it clear that it doesn't matter what people say about McCoy, Oklahoma's defense sucks and thats that. Tasteless to say the least, or at least ill timed.

Then you have Skip Balless, yes I know is name is Skip Bayless, but you get the point. Skip Bayless, this self-proclaimed avid Sooner fan trashes one of the starting defensive players for OU. Mr. Balless is about as unprofessional in journalism as one can get. Hell, for a “Sooner Fan,” I use the term lightly when talking about Skip, he trashes OU, Stoops, and their players at any chance he gets.

Now you can disagree with one person's comments. You can say what you wish, thank goodness for being in the “Land of the Free.” However to start calling Dominique Franks names, by changing his name to Dumbinique Franks is flat out disrespectful and childish. Yes, I know I did the same here. But it was to show people how stupid it truly was.

We, the Sooner Nation, have listened to every talking head in the national media. We have listened to all the homer fans of both teams. We have listened to the likes of Texas, USC, and Utah saying they deserve more of a shot than the Sooners. We have listened for 30 days the disrespect that our players and coaches have been receiving. And all I got to say...

Karma is a bitch!

BOOMER SOONER and good luck Gators.