Nate Quarry Living out Dream as Host for Spike TV's 'MMA Uncensored Live'

G DAnalyst IIIFebruary 23, 2012

After strapping on the gloves for nearly 10 years, former UFC middleweight Nate Quarry (12-4) decided to step away from the sport of mixed martial arts once and for all.

While at the time it was one of the hardest decisions "The Rock" had to make, it has led to opportunities he could have never dreamed of.

Quarry, who's always had a history in public speaking recently signed to be the host of MMA Uncensored Live on the Spike television network.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Quarry discussed his newest gig and what it means for MMA fans.


Garrett Derr: Nate, Before we talk about your newest gig, what was the deciding factor in retiring from MMA as a fighter?

Nate Quarry: "It was after my last fight with Jorge Rivera. It was just another fight for me. I showed up, competed, went home, it was the usual stuff. But, when I went home, I was so badly busted up that my little girl was upset with what she saw."

"Fighting was a way to make a better life for myself and my family. Now, I want to think more about taking care of her. I eventually want to be spending time with my grand kids someday. I don't want to be that guy who can't do the simple things in life like drink a cup of coffee or even hold a conversation."


GD: So, tell me a little bit about your transition into Spike's show and how did you actually land this job?

NQ: "I have to give all my credit to my agent. He saw this opportunity and compiled all the speaking engagements I've done. That really opened the door for me to come in and do my thing. Even as a child and being a Jehovah Witness, I was speaking in public. I was always in front of the church reading scripture."

"I've told my story in San Fransisco in front of hundreds of business men. I've been doing it forever. So, there's been a lot of things that really helped me lead up to this opportunity. But, this is Spike TV, so it's definitely a step up, and they have a lot of credibility to their name."


GD: The million dollar question is what is this show all about? What can fans really expect to see?

NQ:  "This show is going to be a lot of fun, especially for the fans. I know as a fan myself that the last thing I want to do is sit and listen to news. I don't want it to be boring for the fans with us just sitting there reporting stories. If that was the case you could set a camera up in front of a newspaper."

"For us, it's opinions, engaging topics and a lot of arguments. UFC 144 is coming up, and I don't agree with a lot of people on their predictions. It's definitely controversial, and that's what fans want to see. There's a lot of emotion that goes into this sport—that's what we want to bring to the table."


GD: When will the show be aired and who are some of the guys you'll be hosting the show with?

NQ: "It's going to be aired at the MTV studios, and it can be seen every Thursday night. It will also be aired three hours after the first showing and again on Friday mornings. MTV 2 is also looking to pick it up. It's a show everyone's excited about. It's a way for fans to relate to us, and it gives them the opportunity to interact. Fans will be able to tweet in and ask our guests some questions. Dan Henderson will be the first guest so fans can ask Dan whatever they please."

"Another reason I'm really excited about this show is I get to host it with Craig Carton and Mike Straka. Craig is one of the best sports journalists on the market. Then we have a guy like Mike who's pretty much the Wikipedia of MMA. He knows every single name, all the fights, the statistics and the whole nine yards. It's good we have him because there are times where I can't even remember my own name. My best argument will be, 'Have you guys every fought inside the cage?'."


GD: We know there's been some bad blood between the UFC and Spike as they're no longer collaborating their efforts. But, is this something the UFC is going to pick up and take an interest to as well?

NQ: "You know, I'm not really sure what the UFC plans on doing. And, to be honest, I'm not concerned with what their relationship is like right now. If the UFC wants to air it then great but my focus is on doing my job and providing as much entertainment to fans as possible."

"I do what I'm told and that's why I'm here. I'm just trying to be the best I can be. I'll let the higher-ups take care of all the drama. I'm just here to have some fun."


GD: You've been around the sport for a long time so where does this rank among all of your accomplishments?

NQ: "This is something I could have never dreamed of even being possible. You know I've fought in the UFC, but I never thought I would have even went the route of fighting. I was just doing it for competition. It was scary man; I didn't want to get punched in the face. I got convinced to keep going, and it paid off"

"I think this is a lot like that point in my career. I never thought I'd be given this opportunity. MMA has grown so much since I first started. There were only five fights a year for the longest time. Now, it seems like there's a fight card every weekend. Before I ever became a fighter, I was a fan. This opportunity allows me to come full circle so that I can become a fan again."

Tune in for MMA Uncensored Live's debut on Thursday, February 23rd, beginning at 8 p.m. PT and 11 p.m. ET.


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