Phenomenal Playoff Predictions: Ravens @ Titans

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2009

Phenomenal Previews Presents : The 2009 NFL Playoffs (Divisional Round)


Baltimore Ravens (11-5) @ Tennessee Titans (13-3)

Arguably the two best defenses in the league not playing their home games at Heinz Field meet in what projects to be a great game. The Titans made this playoff appearance happen by benching Vince Young in favor of veteran Kerry Collins.

The Ravens have ridden this far on the backs of that defense as always, and an impressive rookie Quarterback in Joe Flacco.

Let’s break down the keys to the game for the Ravens.


Ravens' Keys to the Game

Stop the Run

 What a shock, who knew that you’d have to stop Chris Johnson and LenDale White to beat the Titans, right? If any team can do it, it’s the Ravens. They will be looking for that ball, so those two had better make sure they have a tight grip on it.

Get Collins Off His Rhythm

They have to hit Collins. Chances are that he falls and breaks his hip. Ok, so that was a cheap shot that should be aimed at Favre, but once again Brett finds himself watching the playoffs.

If they get pressure on Collins, he’s going to throw the ball before he normally would. Guess who’s going to be looking for that? That’s right. Ed Reed.


Titans' Keys to the Game

Get in Flacco’s Head

He’s a rookie. He hasn’t paid his dues, and he’s in the divisional round. He’s already nervous. Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch will get to him, and get to him often, and if they do the Titans will win this game. Show him different looks, blitz heavily.

Control the Clock

The Ravens defense is great. But, I don’t care how great of a defense you have, if they’re on the field all of the time, they’re going to get tired and worn down. Wear them down with Chris Johnson, and then pound it up the gut with LenDale White.

If the Titans have a significant advantage in time of possession, they’ll move on to play in the AFC Championship game.


TJ's Prediction 

Ravens win 13-10 in an amazing defensive struggle. It’ll truly be a great game for the hardcore, smash-mouth football fan.