Dear Vesa Toskala: Do You Want To Play for the Maple Leafs or Not?

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IJanuary 6, 2009

It is unbelievable how a good goalie can end up being the worst goalie I have ever seen in the Blue and White.

Absolutely terrible to say the least; either Vesa Toskala does not give a shit, or he wants out of Toronto.

Either way, I would make his wish come true as soon as possible.

I have never seen a goaltender let in so many shots that he should have stopped without a doubt.

Florida did a scouting report on Toskala before the game and it fit to a tee how they were going to beat Toskala—he is down on every shot.

Never mind blaming the not-so-steady defence; I am talking about goaltending.

My son was a goalie and drafted by the Kingston Canadians way back when, and if he ever let in shots that Toskala is letting in, he would not have been drafted.

Toskala has been given every opportunity to show what he can do as a starting goalie, but he has let the team down more than once.

I said it before: If you are going to play one good game and five so-so games as a goalie, you will not last very long in the NHL.

Ron Wilson or Brian Burke will have to make a move sooner or later, because the confidence level of the team is diminishing quickly.

Yes, I understand the old rebuilding issue. But this has got nothing to do with rebuilding.

This problem is in fact a goalie problem in return it is a major concern for the Leafs.

The Leafs must either bench Toskala until he wants to play or send him to the Marlies and bring in Justin Pogge, ready or not.

If this is not the way to go with your starting goalie, then the next best thing for the Leafs is to trade him for some player who at least wants to put his heart in the team every game.

I can assure you if I was Wilson it would be my way with Toskala or the highway.