Asians in The NFL: Why Aren't There More Asians Playing Football?

Farris GunningCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2009

Now here's an article that might open some eyes or maybe close some.  Isn't it interesting that not many Asians are in the NFL?  There are some that have made a huge impact and others that have never made a mark.

Do you know who these people are?

Will Demps of the Giants and Hines Ward of the Steelers both have mothers of Korean descent

Timmy Chang 6-2 and 185 pounds University of Hawaii who went on to the Eagles.

Timmy Chang is 75% Chinese with a 25% mixture of Caucasian, Polynesian, Japanese and Filipino.

First Asain football(NFL) player: Walter Aichieu, Daytona Triangles (1920's)

Roman Gabriel is part Filipino.

Jack Thompson is Samoan, and so is Marques Tuiasosopo (current Raiders and former UW quarterback).

Scott Fujita playing for the Kansas City Chiefs

Is there any certain resons why Asians dont play a big part in the NFL?  maybe common size?  In a sport where all different cultures and nationalities are present, the NFL has few Asian players.  I'm sure there is more but who are they?

This is just a food for thought article.